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November Profit Report

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  • November Profit Report

    All statistics verified by Myfxbook. Past returns may not be replicated in the future.

    Smart2 -10.25 % (13.85% Drawdown)
    A big fat slice of humble pie was dished up to us after the outstanding 12%+ return from October. This month should help adjust our expectations to a more realistic level moving forward (not such a bad thing). No trader wins forever without encountering periods of drawdown and Smart2 is no exception.

    Vijay (the trader behind this strategy) has recovered from drawdowns far worse in his 2+ years on our site and I expect history will repeat putting us back at equity high's in the coming months.

    Forum Comment "Just wanted to add that SmartSquared is a high growth system, if you look over time it has gained a nice amount since inception, if you hit 5-10% minus hits its only a matter of time until Vijay regains that momentum again, still some time left in the month to reduce the loss. It sucks but for sure this signal does achieve nice 10%+ months, you just need to stomach some hits from time to time."

    SteadyCapture +1.56%(1.67% Drawdown)
    Steady Capture continued his hot run, albeit a little cooler than the 5%+ return in October. I can't speak highly enough about the traders professionalism and patience as he waits for the ideal setup. He won 26 of 30 trades during November.

    I see Steady Capture as a bit of a sleeping giant, watch this space....

    Forum Comment "Just checked my accounts this morning, one trade after another -a green screen - a big smile- many thanks "

    FX Viper + 1.19%(0.53% Drawdown)
    Some people might yawn at this months growth figure, however before you judge let me throw a couple of numbers at you.

    - 139/140 winning trades
    - 780 pips (all time record)
    - Now 29/30 profitable months since inception

    The reason for the subdued headline return is that Jeff (the trader behind this signal) is mindful that we could be nearing the end of a 3,000 pip move on the EURUSD as well as preparing for a potential market shock depending on how and when the US Fed raises interest rates. By reducing his lot size, it's allowed him to fire off trades like a oozy in an 80's action movie, instead of his usual sniperesque style.

    Forum Comment "Wow what an incredible year of trading, it's not over yet, but seen viper go through the big bunds sell off at the start of the year and also the Chinese stock sell off a couple of month ago, his strategies, mindset and pure discipline is beyond professional. There is really no way of thanking enough you for all the lessons ! Thanks viper ! Merci ! Obrigado! Gracias! Tack Tack! Cheers!"

    Kilimanjaro + 1.35%(0.52% Drawdown)
    So November delivered the first bit of good news for Kilimanjaro followers in the past few months with a respectable return and negligible drawdown. This is the kind of trading I expected to see when he joined our site earlier in the year and it's good to see him finding his groove and delivering a profitable return.

    There is still a bit of work to do in order to get back above equity high's, but that's just part of the game. During his recent poor run my portfolio accounts have actually grown nicely, such is the power of having a diversified group of traders strategies.
    All four of our traders are professionals with 10+ years experience trading the markets. They do this for a living, and through our site I hope that you'll jump on board and leverage their experience for your own benefit so we can all profit together.

    Thanks for reading!
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