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January 2016 Performance Report

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  • January 2016 Performance Report

    January was pretty good!

    And it was especially good if you like making money!

    What an awesome month of volatility. It was the best January in recent memory with abundant trading opportunities across a wide range of pairs. Our traders took advantage with all of them ending the month in the green.

    Indications are that this volatility is here to stay, and I'm confident we're all going to do incredibly well this year as a result.

    Please also check out my latest video blog, where you'll see details on my personal portfolio that generated a massive $42,000 during the month.
    All statistics verified by Myfxbook. Past returns may not be replicated in the future.

    Smart2 +8.31%(2.45% Drawdown)
    Smart2 was the biggest beneficiary of the volatility this month as he repeatedly entered and exited the market with remarkable accuracy. He's now just a fraction below his previous high watermark from November 2015.

    Yet again he's showing that he's got the skills and resilience to recover from a significant loss quickly without taking unnecessary risk.

    SteadyCapture +3.02%(3.27% Drawdown)
    January was a nice month for SteadyCapture fans as he showed us another aspect to his strategy. An interesting way in which he mitigates risk by hedging through the correlation of pairs.

    It's been repeatedly said inside the trading room that Jay (the trader) uses a completely unique strategy, unlike anything any of us have seen before. His discipline and interpretation of the market are simply awesome.

    FX Viper + 0.48%(2.58% Drawdown)
    Many of us have become accustomed to seeing FX Viper float on a cloud of endless green pips and equity highs. However the past couple of months have dished up a bit of reality as he continues to work his way out of a EURUSD basket while the pair remains locked in a 200 pip range.

    This is simply a symptom of his strategy. When a pair is trending, we kill it, however if we get stuck in the middle of a range then occasionally we'll end up holding a couple of small positions that require patience to exit. Don't stress, we'll be back on that cloud before you know it.

    Kilimanjaro + 0.67%(0.16% Drawdown)
    January was a bit of a yawn for Kilimanjaro executing only a handful of trades, but for good reason. He's moved his family from his home town of 10+ years in Wellington to the picturesque lake side settlement of Wanaka in New Zealand's South Island.

    After speaking to him earlier today I'm assured that he's back in action with more AUD and NZD pairs in his cross-hairs.
    I'd also like to bring your attention to a gold trader that we've been working with on the side for the past 12 months. He trades an automated grid strategy with a truly remarkable track record dating back to July 2013. Click here to find out more about GoldStar.

    One final plug - I'm seriously excited about my public project to turn my forex portfolio into $1,000,000 using our traders, especially considering the fantastic start I've had (already $106k in profits), so if you haven't checked out my YouTube Channel, please do.

    See you next month!

    Nick McDonald -

    P.S. Look out for an email in the coming weeks on exciting new MAM service - FX Fusion is coming!

    Remember - Forex is a risky business. Only trade with money you can afford to lose. We take no responsibility for any loss (financial or otherwise) as a result of our signals, technical issues related to our site/software or your own greed.
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    Great Nick, very inspiring!