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    1.png This Account strated 23-05-17 these are 1 month results
    I am a full time trader my strategy is short term for now once my account grew to 20K and above i will change it to long term
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    Well done, Join the chat room and share some trades with the community.
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      You've done a good job to make 20k profit in forex.


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        As far as I can see you are a great fellow, I would certainly like to know more about it, how did you do this, and would like to know about your future plans, please how to contact you?)


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          You made a significant result on Forex. Congratulations! I would really like to hear more about your strategy and overall journey to reach 20K. I would also recommend to be careful with long term trading as it differs a little bit form daily trades. Anyway, report your progress


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            Wow incredible. I hope I can be like you in the future. very inspire me.