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August Profit Report

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  • August Profit Report

    August Performance Report

    The past month has been fairly flat due to summer holidays in the Northern Hemisphere and decreased market volatility. I'm expecting some big things from our traders as we head into the end of the year now that markets have returned to normal.

    Good luck to everyone following our traders on the trade copier. I hope we'll be celebrating a bag of pips together this time next month.

    Pings EA +16.81%
    Who would have thought in May that Ping would be on top of our leader board for the next 2 consecutive months! 19% return in July is nicely complimented with a killer August. It's unfortunate timing as many traders abandoned this signal right at the bottom of the drawdown.

    If you were one of the unlucky subscribers that jumped off Ping's EA right at the bottom please get in touch with me and I'll organise for a 4 week free trial if you would like to get back on board.
    Pipsopolis +6.99%
    Things are looking up for our most established trader. The monthly growth is due to a monster 344 pip win trading the NZDUSD around the middle of the month. There is more information on this trade inside our forum. Click here to watch him talk about how he identified the trade.
    FX Pendulum +3.25%
    +$301 (trading 2x risk)
    Watch out for FX Pendulum. His complex trading system is possibly the least stressful forex signal or EA that I have ever traded with. He is about to go on holidays for month so I wouldn't recommend jumping on board just yet. He is away from 1st October until the first week in November.
    FX Viper +3.13%
    +$623 (trading 2x risk)
    This manual scalper is showing what can be accomplished with discipline and patience. Trading activity has been subdued during the difficult market conditions, however I'm expecting things to fire up again this week with a number of short term trades across EURUSD, GPBUSD and AUDUSD.

    His motto is "slow and steady wins the race" and I'm loving his consistency.
    TradeAlerter +2.55%
    $912 (my account is set to 2x risk)
    Trade Alerter started the month as a rock star with over 10% growth inside the first 2 weeks. Unfortunately the markets in August can be difficult to trade and he got caught on the wrong side of a number of fast moves resulting in a big chunk of it being handed back to the forex gods.

    He's still doing a great job - August was his 5th consecutive profitable month.
    FX Amplified +0.33%
    $4,361 (my account is set to 4x risk)
    What a difference a month can make! I still can't believe FX Amplified managed to scratch out a positive month after the turmoil of the first couple of weeks (let alone July). He traded very cautiously and tried his best to protect the account and incredibly important statistics.

    During the first day of trading in September we saw his intentions - He's back to business and already banked 18 pips across 2 trades.
    2 Million Dollar Master -4.20%
    Account still being set up
    This system works best when the market is trending. Anyone that has been watching EURUSD this past month will understand why it has struggled. This should turn around in the coming months.
    Check out the weekly market analysis report. Click Here

    This report is prepared at the start of the week by our resident analyst "SharpShooter". It will help you identify trading opportunties and understand market movements from the previous week.

    See you in the trading room!

    Nick McDonald
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    Thank you for the monthly updates. This really helps me make prudent choices my narrow my focus on which trader agrees with my trading style. Daryl