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    This is my new comprehensive trading system. Within it contains three trading plans, these are designed to compliment each other. Originally I built a trend following sentiment strategy but I added on to this consolidation trading and day trading GBPJPY so that periods of drawdown could be naturally be off set by this trading. The account is still in its early days, but I thought I would show it off. I find I always trade better when I have people watching me. I am not looking for investment yet but feel free to add this to your watchlist. I have set up a PAMM with BlackBullMarkets if that day comes. Cheers

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    I see that you have a Semi grid system ( dollar cost averaging),
    Is this limitless?
    How many positions per basket?
    Maximum level of drawdown before a loss is taken?
    Lotsize per $1000 of capital?

    Congratulations to your trading systems!. I hope you continue to make consistent profits while managing your risk.

    Do you plan to do any trades on the cryptocurrencies pairs offered at BlackBull? I see that they offer 1:5 leverage on 5 crypto pairs.


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      Hello HedgeBitcoin! Thanks for reaching out.

      The name Limitless Forex Republic comes from the idea that forex can provide a limitless opportunity and I thought it was a decent sounding name, not a description that I am willing to take a limitless risk. This account trades three strategies two of which used a limited dollar cost averaging system under the pretense that I see price action that favours my view, when I see negative signs I get out of the trade. The goal of this account is to keep the drawdown to under 10% so that after some time I can get investment and make some real money out of this project. Currently, max drawdown is 7.3% with a monthly return of 30%. Now obviously the use of leverage played a great part in these numbers but I was able to net almost 600 pips in the process. I am trying to keep lot size down, however, when I see higher probability opportunity I am willing to leverage up but set stick tight stops for this action. If you want specific leverage information for the strategies used then I can get that information to you. Typically because the trading strategies used to complement each other there is less overall risk than the leverage implies. As to your question about cryptocurrencies I have decided to focus on forex although my broker does offer the ability for me to trade them.

      Best, Paul


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        Turned my strategy into a Darwin, currently ranked 25# in performance over the last three months.
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            listed on simpletrader market?


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              Hello Hans Bowles,
              To answer your question I am not listed on simpletrader market or any other signal providing service. I like how Darwin formats their investment program and I think it is the best program out there right now in terms of fairness to both parties, because of this I plan to stick with them for some time. I hope to grow a following where I am able to start on own private asset management firm. Thanks for reaching out!
              Best, Paul


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                Has anyone successfully won a Darwin AI allocation?