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    I am looking at subscribing to this signal. All the trading metrics look very good. I would like some feedback from any of the current subscribers, are there any hidden problems with this signal? Or is it legit?

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    Hi Tradersmurf, i have subscribed for 1 month however stopped after that first month. There is nothing wrong in it as i see. What you see is what you get. But for me, i didnt like that it seems being 100% systematic martingale, based on entries on preset symmetric levels. Not on specific (dynamic) time / candles (which i prefer when it comes to martingale) .. Also the swaps can be highly against you when he is in Sell NZDCHF. And so can the spread during asian session, as all know. I subscribed via MQL5 not on Simpletrader. I dont see it as high high risk, as it seems quite obvious that the trades are under constant montoring. But time will tell. However he has a history already.
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      Doesn't look so good now does it?


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        Originally posted by hackermelbourne View Post
        Doesn't look so good now does it?
        I had to see what happened on MyFXBook since the system has disappeared from SimpleTrader in an instant.
        geez... 8% equity. with such a beautiful track record for a while.
        I wish these traders would update us so we can know what went wrong.
        I've placed this screenshot in the "failed strategies / scammers" bin....
        ,,,,,,along with steadycapture, fxmagician, Clifford Bennett, GoldStar, TradeAlerter... am I forgetting anyone?