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  • Greenback

    Hello there,

    here is the trading account:

    Risk per trade max 3% (usually 2%), TP 1-1.5%. We suspend the trading if DD ever reaches 15%.
    All trades are closed before rollover and max number of simultaneously opened trades is 3. No extreme scalping, martingale or grid trading techniques.

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    Up and down start of the week, managed to take out 2.2% so far with 2.2% max DD. Up 5% for November on 2.2% max DD as well. Obviously not as good as in October but still good enough.


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      Up 9.7% for November with a 2.2% max DD so far. Still full 3 weeks of trading left so we may be able to repeat October 30% profit.


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        do you sell the signals on simpletrader?


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          A bit pf a slow week for us. Only 2% profit so far but also a 0% DD. Target for the week is 5%.


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            We finished the week with 1.65% profit. It was not the best week, hard to trade due to all the Brexit mess but we got out with profit and only a 2.43%% max DD. There were a couple of missed trading opportunities due to volatile moves so there was no time to enter at the right price. But a vast majority of weeks are much less crazy so there will be plenty of opportunities for profit in the coming weeks.
            So far November is 11.41% in profit, max DD 2.43% with 2 full weeks of trading left.