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AI is the future

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  • drayzen
    Originally posted by leonardojohn
    Wow so much of negativity on, guys chat with them as I have only made good profits with them and they have one of the best post customer support service I have dealt with in recent times.
    I've seen a few people mention this, do you have a Myfxbook link showing your performance?

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  • Amadorian
    Yep, seeing these results, AI is definitely the future ^^

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  • OutsideTheBoxHK
    started a topic AI is the future

    AI is the future

    I am starting a topic for this signal for the benefit of the community of investors.

    MyFXBook main strategy:
    MyFXBook other strategy:

    Below is the description listed at SimpleTrader, and in my judgment, there is some creative and liberal stretching going on here.
    Not sure where else this strategy is offered and tracked other than MyFXBook.
    I will allow the Strategy Provider answer any questions but I do have a couple myself. I have notified him on MyFXBook of this forum post.
    1. What kind of Artificial Intelligence will make those kind of decisions? Seems very high risk and even a bit careless.
    2. Please explain why you would offer "get rich quick" with this kind of strategy.
    3. Why advise subscribers to "not close trades by themselves"? This would have seemed prudent, given the performance.
    4. What happened in early September with holding the NZDCHF trades for over 50 days in drawdown? Why not cut?

    Using AI to provide entry and exit reference points, but executed by a team of domain experts located in Japan, Australia and US. EA monitors and executes stop for each trade, positive accelerated growth the last 6 months after the AI implementation, back tested for 10 years. Real money, real profit, If you are interested in knowing the details Let us get rich together. Draw-down is limited, but you need draw-down to accumulate to achieve profits. We pay special attention to margin level, always stands at 1000% or more to balance growth and capital protection. More profit, gains more margin, increases margin level, reduces % of draw-down.
    We tested and trained the AI for almost 2 years, introduced this account with detailed history to honestly showcase the power of AI.
    For my many subscribers:
    1. currency is backed by a nation, while stock can go to zero, and option can expire, but not currency
    2. only way to lose money here is to over leverage, please use 1:1 ratio with me
    3. do not panic, do not close trades by yourself, remember most of my trades will make $$ daily by doing nothing (positive carry interests, look at your swap)
    Please use to reach us