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    Good luck okda
    Originally posted by okda View Post
    this is my plan but after my 5k$ account increase to 145k$ ;-)

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      It looks like Silent's "Trade History" doesn't update anymore. Last update is frozen on 2013/10/15 14:12:31. Any idea what's going on?


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        Originally posted by SmartTrader View Post
        Guys i have a plan for Silent that can work a lot better for followers

        We all know this is risky and some people are thinking it might blow some day. Today i was thinking about an idea.

        Follow Silent at 0.1 risk, meaning if he enters a 0.1 lot for a 1k account, followers get 0.01 lot.

        This way, the maximum a follower can lose is 10%. And also your returns will be 10 times lesser than his returns. Still the numbers are awesome. Consider this as the following

        Would you follow a trader who gives you more than 50% per month and the DD is assured less than or equal to 10%?

        Its more than you can expect. Then it is silent. Go for it.

        an example.

        say follower A is following Silent with 1k at 0.1 risk.

        Silent gives 700% in the first month (he actually did in the first month)

        A will get 70% profit as he is taking 0.1% of risk. so the total will be 1700.

        Next month Silent gets 500, now follower A's total capital is 1700+1350=3050.

        Say next month Silent account blows, that means 100% loss (not wishing for, just taking as an example, dont think me wrong)

        Follower gets only 10% loss, i.e 10% of 3050=305. So the total capital will be 2745. which is still a lot for a capital of 1k.

        If you had followed at 1x and not withdrawn anything, you would have lost it all. including your investment 1k.

        I know you can think why should we do all this why cant we just take 1x risk. You can do that, but can you do that with a 10k amount or bigger than that? Mind losing 10k or just 1k for a guy like silent? Decision is yours.

        If you can go with 1x risk, this approach is not for you . Ignore this post.

        am not sure if what i said makes any sense. Comments welcome.

        And Silent, wishing you best of luck. Hope you will achieve your target sooner than expected and make all the followers happy and especially Nick.
        Bear in mins that all trades will be closed at 50% dd (that's my understanding), so total account blowing should never be possible.

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          Originally posted by Finally View Post

          I have the same broker and leverage as silent specialist but since yesterday i have a little bit of slippage(1-2 pips). Did anything happen? I didnt change anything.

          btw good work and very impressive! Keep going
          Hi Finally,

          Slippage of a couple of pips isn't a big deal and all part of copy trading I'm afraid.

          Sometimes you'll make more, sometimes less. It's partially to do with different brokers offering different spreads and slightly different pricing.

          You can reduce your slippage setting on the copier to 1 or 2, this will should reduce it a little, however it also means you stand the chance of missing a trade in a fast moving market. If you are making healthy profits I recommend leaving it at the default setting of 3.
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            Originally posted by alex_kad View Post
            I was just wondering, what are the trader's plans when he reaches his goal of 500.000? (and lets all hope that he does!)

            Will he stop, will he continue to grow his account to who knows what or will he restart with a couple of hundred dollars?

            BTW, he makes it look so easy doesn't he?
            Hey Alex,

            He has told me his plan is to start again with a small account.

            We are flying his family out to Sydney Australia if he reaches the goal, so he might be starting the next account from a laptop here in Sydney
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              If his plan works I will kidnap him and fly him here in my home (evil face)

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                Will this signal provider bail out or suddenly stop for no reason? His signal on PAMM and mql5 has suddenly stopped. This is a subscription site so if he suddenly stop providing his signal again will be rather disappointing.


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                  Originally posted by Okda View Post
                  Risk 1x means you can lose up to 40% of your account in drawdown and this is worst case scenario
                  2x means margin call for sure

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                  thank you, I got it... I want to buy signals for a month ... where can I read more about the purchase of Auto Trade Copier and the installation of program?


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                    Forex Signal - Silent Specialist


                    • It shows error page.
                      Originally posted by Okda View Post


                      • how do we register and open/close trades using your signal? kindly provided etails


                        • Originally posted by Microengines View Post
                          It shows error page.
                          I don't see any issues. I can access the sign up page from LiveForextrading's main website:

                          Also his myfxbook's master account was last synced a few minutes ago.


                          • Unfortunately, "FastWayToMillionFree" signal is disabled and unavailable. Nick ,You will continue to offer his signal? At what time?


                            • Yes that's what I'm worried, his pamm account was also terminated.


                              • HI,Nick,Please give us a plan, a specific timetable for it to re-start trading? Silent-Specialist, He can give a speech?