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    I have the pleasure of welcoming Silent Specialist to LiveForexTrading!

    Silent Specialist is a manual trader from Russia who has developed a very aggressive technical based grid strategy. He's been trading full time for over 4 years and boasts the amazing feat of turning $300 into $600,000 between 2011 and 2013 (I can't verify this, however I believe him).

    The stats are unbelievable, however a word of warning - It's extremely risky as he will risk a maximum 50% of account equity on a basket of trades. So this signal is not for the faint at heart. I recommend withdrawing the initial deposit once you have doubled your account to remove the risk and make the swings a little easier to stomach

    It's possibly the most exciting trading signal I've ever seen and I'm thrilled to have him as part of the team here.

    You can view his verified account statement here - Real account | Myfxbook

    I'm also following him with my own account -

    Welcome to the community Silent Specialist!

    To follow this trading signal please click through this link -
    Click here to check out the most popular forex channel on YouTube

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    All I can say is Wow!

    Are there any accounts with a longer history than 2 months?
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      Hi, Thanks!

      I have not got another accounts now.

      Look forward to working with you guys


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        very interesting indeed, i'm going to try this and if it is as true as it can be, you are really a rare one to find.. lol.


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          Wow, that is impressive! To risk 50% account is very reasonable when compared to reward. I agree with Nick, take some off the table and play this with "house money". A small starting balance will give you the opportunity to "reboot" in the event things dont go as expected. Look forward to seeing you this goes. Best of luck to you Silent, and welcome aboard!

          Happy Trading!



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            Finally :-D

            Welcome aboard Silent

            Hope the success will continue, I just need 6 months like August and September :-D :-D :-D

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              I'm excited to see you on the forum, Silentspec! You've already turned a $168 account to about $8k in just two months, which is quite impressive.! Could you kindly tell us how you treat open positions during big news events such as the FOMC. It seems like you kept today's EUR/USD trades open throughout the news and it went against you.

              Wish you best of luck.


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                I would be interested in how the size of orders are placed as the price goes against you. I can see in the current basket there is 0.5, 0.5, 0.7, 0.7, 0.7, 1.0, then back down to 0.7 lots. What comes after that?

                I would also be interested in when the basket would be closed. Do you wait for it to be break even or try to get a good profit?

                Fascinating stuff!


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                  I try not to open positions before news and eur/usd is not my favourite pair
                  But what happend thats happend.
                  I close my baskets near s/r levels in profit or in drawdown near 40% of deposit.
                  Strategy is risky, yes, but it also profitable


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                    Welcome Silent, great to see you here!

                    Quick question mate: I see that Nick is following you with IC Markets as the broker, which has commissions but lower spread. Which broker would you recommend to use : IC Markets or Alpari?

                    Keep up the good work


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                      dont know IC Markets, i use Alpari.
                      But i heared axitrader is good...


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                        I have been watching your current basket and saw that it went up to around 8% in profit. If the market reverses and the basket starts losing again would you exit for a smaller loss than 40% or still let it hit the 40% loss?

                        Of course I hope the basket closes for a profit but I am just curious!


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                          benjim, a good ECN broker is always the correct answer to you question, Silent's trading depend on big lots and huge profit per trade, using any broker THAT you trust won't make much difference since the expected profit is already big

                          Silentspec, i thought the EU will be the first loosing trade this month, but it appears that i was wrong and i am happy to that

                          Keep up the AWESOME work you are doing


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                            It's very exciting with this provider on this board. I don't ask Silentspec for his long term record as this extreme high return must come with certain risk but it is worthwhile to try . What I suggest is , we need regularly withdraw the profit and just keep the initial investment fund running, or keep a half percentage of the profit compounding.


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                              For me I will wait for the capital to double then withdraw it and leave the profits to compound for as long as possible, but will be using a limit for equity dd by then

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