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Is this myfxbook account worth following?

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  • Is this myfxbook account worth following?

    -I decided to remove this post as I didn't realize that traffic on this site has gone down quite a bit, thanks to those that checked out the account-
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    Originally posted by WPFX View Post
    Hello to all,
    I've been trading for a number of years crafting my skills and improving my strategy. I've followed this forum for years now, witnessing the rise and fall of many service providers. This has been a solid and consistent year so far and I'm starting to wonder if it'd be worth joining a signal service as a provider to generate an additional stream of income.

    Here is my account:

    The max DD is really poor unfortunately and I racked that up in the beginning of the year when the account was much smaller. I trade pretty much everything as long as it provides the setups I look for. I go hard on SPX if we have volatility like last week and the FX trades are usually swing trades lasting a few days. I don't have a defined martingale or grid strategy but I do scale into my trades one small position at a time when my setup comes along. I don't scalp much, only SPX on occasion when the moves are wild.

    I'd love to hear the pros and cons on following this account.
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