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  • Signal Almighty MT4 - no losses only profit

    Have you ever wondered how some track records look too good to be true?

    DTube is a community powered video sharing platform where users vote on videos to reward creators, curators, influencers and viewers in cryptocurrency

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    When you are the broker, you can fab up any trading history you like in real time to attract investors for PAMM ( AccentForex), sell robots (Doug Price), and even signals (DougPrice). The financial industry and Forex in general has had a bad reputation because any documentation of these fraudulent activities are suppressed by metaquotes copyrights.

    With the use of blockchain, we're finally in an era of censorship resistant information.


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      Originally posted by HedgeBitcoin View Post
      Have you ever wondered how some track records look too good to be true?!/v/mt4-gets69d/QmdL...xjs9F7iFFHhf7K
      The video doesn't work anymore. Could you please upload it again or add it on youtube. I would like to share it with some people that don't believe me.


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        Metaquotes will remove the video from youtube. It looks as if dtube isn't that useful for decentralization after all. After reading how to resolve this issue, it comes down to "If its not popular , nodes no longer contain the data and the video is deleted".

        Other options
        contact realdollarfire on twitter and have him send you a copy ( oops, twitter suspended his account).
        You'll need to contact Adam from macrohedge =>


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          Other option

          I got the original videos from Adam. I'll have them hosted on Telegram shortly


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            videos are now hosted on telegram. You can then download the video for your own personal copy to share with others.



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              Yes, thnx I did it and forwarded on telegram too