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  • Kilimanjaro - Stopped trading

    Kilimanjaro is a 100% manual strategy administered by a gentleman by the name of "Phil". Phil is the former head of FX Trading at JP Morgan Australia and has been trading currencies for the best part of 14 years for various Investment and Commercial banks. Earlier this year he cashed in his corporate job, bankrolled himself and is now a self funded trader working from his home office in New Zealand.

    I think Kilimanjaro can best be described as a combination of TradeAlerter and FX Viper due to the fundamental approach to his trade ideas and technical levels used to identify entry points, often scaling into a positions. He is very active, normally trading several times per day, I think you guys are going to love it.

    What I think you'll love most about Kilimanjaro is - He uses fixed stop levels.

    Yes! He actually uses stop losses! I've observed a number of occasions when he's loaded into a position only to see it crash into a fixed stop loss without causing major damage to his account or his mental state. This also has the added advantage of avoiding extended drawdowns that drag on for weeks at a time. He's normally in and out of the market fairly quickly.

    Phil has graciously funded an MT4 account specifically for us to use to submit signals to you guys (with a lazy $100k in it).

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    Only $7,653.13 in profit over 4 years trading fulltime.