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SFE Stock Market + SFE Evolution FX 100% Risk

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  • SFE Stock Market + SFE Evolution FX 100% Risk

    Hi Guys,

    This forum has been so dead lately, so I thought I'd start something interesting to give this forum a bit of life again.

    As many of you may know, my name is Jimmy and I have been with since 2013. I came across SFE Price Action and SFE Night Scalper in 2016 and I firmly believed they are the only few rare EAs that would work in the long term in the Forex market - you can see my initial post about the EAs here:

    People were put off by the high price tag but for me the purchases were worth every cent. Fast forward to 2020, after so many other systems have gone bust, this is how much I have made with all the SFE EAs, along with manual trades that were based on the EAs' trades (you can verify these stats at

    Over the years people have always said I was just gambling with the high risk I was taking and got lucky. However, I am pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to make a cent over these years unless the strategies I've been using actually had a long term edge over the market.

    Anyway, now I have decided to retire my manual trading and just use the EAs to trade my new $100K portfolio that I have now set up under my new Myfxbook username:


    I now also offer signal copying service for the main $70K account which runs SFE Stock Market and SFE Evolution FX at 100% recommended Risk for each for the EAs.

    You can find more details about the EAs here:
    SFE Stock Market:
    SFE Evolution FX (MT5):
    SFE Evolution FX (MT4):

    Details about how to subscribe can be found on the official SFE Forum here:

    The trades will be copied via AutoFxPro copier as my master account is MT5 and not many copiers are compatible with MT5 at present. This copier EA is also capable of copying from MT5 to MT4. If you copy my trades to an MT5 account then it will include Stock + Forex trades; and if you copy my trades to an MT4 account then it will just copy Forex trades. The price will be cheaper for MT4 subscribers as they won't get the Stock trades.

    I also offer 75% refund for people who subscribe for 6 months if my master account does not make any gain during the period of your subscription (it cannot be 100% because we still need to cover some operating costs).

    Also, the subscriptions will be limited to 100 active subscriber only, so once we reach 100 subscribers, a new subscriber will only be accepted if an old subscriber leaves. I will update the subscriber counter below as the subscriber number changes.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach me on the SFE Community Telegram channel: I am online most of time - except when I am sleeping!

    That's it guys, I look forward to seeing you around!

    Subscriber Counter: 4/10 (6 more to go before subscription is closed!)
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    Hi Guys,

    It has been a bit disappointing to see the lack of interest in my signal, so I have decided that I will now limit the subscription to just 10 places. After all I am making much more trading with the EAs myself so it's really not worth the time and effort for me to run a signal.

    My initial thoughts about offering the signal was that I would like more people to know about the great systems that Joel has developed, but it seems like most people still prefer to use risky systems and gamble their money away...I suppose you can only save those who want to be I have decided to just go back and concentrate on my own trading.
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