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  • SFE Stock Market + SFE Evolution FX 100% Risk

    Hi Guys,

    This forum has been so dead lately, so I thought I'd start something interesting to give this forum a bit of life again.

    As many of you may know, my name is Jimmy and I have been with since 2013. I came across SFE Price Action and SFE Night Scalper in 2016 and I firmly believed they are the only few rare EAs that would work in the long term in the Forex market - you can see my initial post about the EAs here:

    People were put off by the high price tag but for me the purchases were worth every cent. Fast forward to 2020, after so many other systems have gone bust, this is how much I have made with all the SFE EAs, along with manual trades that were based on the EAs' trades (you can verify these stats at


    Over the years people have always said I was just gambling with the high risk I was taking and got lucky. However, I am pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to make a cent over these years unless the strategies I've been using actually had a long term edge over the market.

    Anyway, now I have decided to retire my manual trading and just use the EAs to trade my new $100K portfolio that I have now set up under my new Myfxbook username:


    I now also offer signal copying service for the main $70K account which runs SFE Stock Market and SFE Evolution FX at 100% recommended Risk for each for the EAs.

    You can find more details about the EAs here:
    SFE Stock Market:
    SFE Evolution FX (MT5):
    SFE Evolution FX (MT4):

    Details about how to subscribe can be found on the official SFE Forum here:

    The trades will be copied via AutoFxPro copier as my master account is MT5 and not many copiers are compatible with MT5 at present. This copier EA is also capable of copying from MT5 to MT4. If you copy my trades to an MT5 account then it will include Stock + Forex trades; and if you copy my trades to an MT4 account then it will just copy Forex trades. The price will be cheaper for MT4 subscribers as they won't get the Stock trades.

    I also offer 75% refund for people who subscribe for 6 months if my master account does not make any gain during the period of your subscription (it cannot be 100% because we still need to cover some operating costs).

    Also, the subscriptions will be limited to 100 active subscriber only, so once we reach 100 subscribers, a new subscriber will only be accepted if an old subscriber leaves. I will update the subscriber counter below as the subscriber number changes.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to reach me on the SFE Community Telegram channel: I am online most of time - except when I am sleeping!

    That's it guys, I look forward to seeing you around!

    Subscriber Counter: subscription closed
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    Hi Guys,

    It has been a bit disappointing to see the lack of interest in my signal, so I have decided that I will now limit the subscription to just 10 places. After all I am making much more trading with the EAs myself so it's really not worth the time and effort for me to run a signal.

    My initial thoughts about offering the signal was that I would like more people to know about the great systems that Joel has developed, but it seems like most people still prefer to use risky systems and gamble their money away...I suppose you can only save those who want to be I have decided to just go back and concentrate on my own trading.
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      SFE $100K Portfolio Weekly Result - 25th May 2020 to 29th May 2020

      Weekly Change: $113272.91 - $106154.01 = +$7118.90
      Total Portfolio Return: +$13272.91 / +13.27% (with +6.53% floating profit)

      What a week for the Stock Market EA again! The Stock Market EA made around $7.5K this week while the Forex EAs ended with a small loss overall. We also still have a basket of Stock trades that are in good profit and may hit their TPs next week.

      We had a basket of EURUSD buy trades on Wednesday which unfortunately experienced a nasty whip-saw action that took out our trades before the EU pair eventually went higher, otherwise we would have made very good profits with the Forex EAs this week as well. Sometimes these things happen and you can only be patient and wait for the next opportunity to come.

      Therefore, this week's growth was really all due to the gains from the Stock Market EA, without the Forex EAs making significant gains. This is actually very promising, because the Forex EAs have already been in a stagnation/drawdown period for over 2 months now. Knowing how the cycles work, I believe the Forex EAs will pick up again soon to compound the growth of my accounts. It surely will be a spectacular sight when that happens!

      Also, due to the lack of public interest in my signal, I have decided to close it to new subscriptions when the Market opens again on Monday. It just seems a bit silly for me to offer this signal for $100-120 per month when I have already made over $13000 trading with it. At the same time, I still want to offer people an opportunity to experience the amazing power of Joel's EA. So if there is still anyone out there interested in my signal, please sign up before this weekend ends, or it will be closed to new subscriptions until further notice.

      Have a nice weekend guys!


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        Do you offer any myfxbook page to check those good results? That would help a lot.


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          SFE Stock Market + Evolution FX 100% Risk:

          SFE Stock Market + Evolution FX 50% Risk:

          We suffered 20% loss last Thursday on the high risk account due to a large whipsaw on EURUSD before it went back higher. Nevertheless, we managed to recover some losses on Friday and we are now back on track.


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            SFE $100K Portfolio Weekly Result - 15th June 2020 to 19th June 2020

            Weekly Change: $118225.45 - $116842.80 = +$1382.65 (+1.18%)
            Total Portfolio Return: +$18225.45 / +18.23% (with +1.74% floating profit)


            Hi guys,

            My accounts are still growing well, as you can see in the image above.

            We have just made a special deal with an ASIC regulated broker for our trade copying service. If you open an account with this broker, you will be able copy my signal by paying 30% performance fee without having to pay a monthly subscription fee - so there is no cost for the signal unless you make profit with it. This broker does not have Stock CFDs so you will essentially just be copying the SFE Evolution FX trades.

            The conditions:
            1. Minimum deposit: USD$5000. Base currency: USD only.

            2. The account will be an ECN raw spread account with $6 commission per round turn lot - this is not offered publicly at this broker, and it can only be set up by special request at the time when you sign up.

            3. Once the new account is opened, you will need to make a special request to the broker's support team, which allows them to charge 30% performance fee on your new account. You will still have full access to the account but we don't recommend that you trade it - otherwise you will be charged 30% performance fee on your own profits too!

            4. Once you have deposited the funds, you can start copying my trades with the SFE Trade Receiver EA (you can download the Receiver EA and the manual here:

            5. You will be charged 30% performance fee each month (watermark high), but there will be no cost to you if your account does not make a gain.

            6. This broker also offers free VPS if you deposit at least $5000 USD and keep your account balance above $5000 USD, which is an extra bonus.

            If you are interested, please send me a PM on Telegram and I will guide you through the account opening process.

            SFE Community Telegram:

            Comparison between IC Markets and the New Broker:
            This broker's ECN raw spread is very comparable to IC Markets, and sometimes even slightly better! I have attached the image below for comparison. There was also an extra profitable USDCHF trade made on the new broker which the IC Markets account didn't get!

            I am running SFE Evolution FX on default risk at this new broker, so the % gain and % loss are less than my IC Markets account (which is running at 100% risk for all strategies).

            When you set up the Receiver EA, you can choose whether you would like to copy trades from my IC Markets account, or from my account at this new broker.



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              SFE Portfolio Weekly Result - 29th June 2020 to 3rd July 2020

              Total Portfolio Return
              = Total Balance - (Total Deposit - Total Withdrawal)
              = $138047.52 - ($154922.22 - $30069.04)
              = +$13194.34

              Hi Guys,

              This week is still a bit quiet, but we have managed to end the week with a small gain. We are basically just waiting for the next big breakout in the market, in order to make the next big gain.

              Also, from now on I will just be running 2 accounts - one for Trade Copy Signal and one for MAM.

              The MAM account is not yet open to the public, but you can subscribe to my Trade Copy Signal in 2 ways:
              • Use the SFE Trade Receiver which you can download and install on your VPS (, and then just contact me to connect your account. With this method you will be sent a Paypal invoice by me every 2 weeks to request payment for the 30% Performance Fee
              • Connect via Social Trader Tools: - with this method everything will be automated and I don't need to be involved. You won't even need a VPS to copy the trades via their website! The only catch is there will be a small charge of $20 per month by their website to run the copier on their platform for you.

              Please also don't forget that for Pepperstone Razor account clients, I now offer $1 rebate per lot in commission for those who copy my signal!

              If interested, you can now open a Pepperstone Razor account via my IB referral link: I will send the rebate back to you via PayPal each time the 30% performance fee is paid by you.


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                SFE Portfolio Weekly Result - 6th July 2020 to 10th July 2020

                Total Portfolio Return
                = Total Balance - (Total Deposit - Total Withdrawal)
                = $141235.05 - ($159929.65 - $30069.04)
                = +$11374.44

                Weekly Change
                = This Week's Total Return - Last Week's Total Return
                = $11374.44 - $13194.34
                = -$1819.90

                Hi Guys,

                This week my accounts ended with -$1.8K loss in total, mainly due to a Stock trade on the IC Markets account that lost -$2.4K in one trade

                We still have a few Stock trades open and hopefully they will make some profits for us.

                On the Forex front, we have a lot of major news coming up next week:

                I expect a lot of volatility next week, and therefore there is a good chance for our price action based EAs (SFE Price Action, SFE Attractor, SFE KISS, and to some extent SFE Breakout) to make nice profits next week.

                If you have been watching my accounts for a while, I believe now is best time to join - we have been in stagnation for some time, and with the high impact new and expected volatility next week, I believe my accounts are very likely to reach the next new equity high soon.

                Also, I have now listed both my Signal and MAM accounts on Social Trader Tools:

                Smart Forex Expert Signal (100% Risk):

                Smart Forex Expert MAM (30% Risk):

                Some people have been asking me about when the MAM will be open to the public, and the answer is at least a few months - until we have enough track record to demonstrate its long term safety and performance in order to get the AFSL licence to accept clients. However, even when we can start to accept clients, we will only be able to accept Wholesale clients (ie. Net assets >A$2.5 million, or annual income >A$250,000). So if you don't meet the Wholesale client criteria, the only way to access the MAM account will be through Social Trader Tools - which will charge 30% performance fee for copying the trades, with a small monthly fee of $20 for using their platform.

                The benefit with the Social Trader Tools platform is that everything will be automated on the website and you won't even need to run a VPS to copy the trades - so this can be a potential saving for those who don't need a VPS to run MT4/5 terminals for other EAs.
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                  SFE Portfolio Weekly Result - 13th July 2020 to 17th July 2020

                  Total Portfolio Return
                  = Total Balance - (Total Deposit - Total Withdrawal)
                  = $148033.91 - ($169938.37 - $30069.04)
                  = +$8164.58

                  Weekly Change
                  = This Week's Total Return - Last Week's Total Return
                  = $8164.58 -$11374.44
                  = -$3209.86

                  This week we had losses from SFE Stealth, SFE Trend and SFE Stock market, and the ECB was more or less a non-event so the price action based EAs did not make any meaningful trades. The good news is we still have over $3K in floating profit from several Stock trades, which hopefully will close in profit next week.

                  Looking ahead in the Forex calendar, next week is pretty quiet, and then we will have FOMC in the last week of July followed by many high impact news in the first week of August. Those 2 weeks should be the next opportunity for the price actions based EAs to get into action and make some nice profits.


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                    SFE Portfolio Weekly Result - 20th July 2020 to 24th July 2020

                    Total Portfolio Return
                    = Total Balance - (Total Deposit - Total Withdrawal)
                    = $156935.17 - ($169947.46 - $30069.04)
                    = +$17056.75

                    Weekly Change
                    = This Week's Total Return - Last Week's Total Return
                    = $17056.75 - $8164.58
                    = +$8892.17

                    We had a very good week and made nearly $9K in profit, but currently we also have about $4.5K in floating loss.

                    I am very excited to see what the next 2 weeks will bring us. As you can see in the Forex Calendar below, there are many high impact news coming and I believe it really is about time for the price action based EAs to make some decent gains.

                    Please also remember you can now copy my two accounts via Social Trader Tools:

                    Smart Forex Expert Signal (100% Risk) - IC Markets MT5:

                    Smart Forex Expert MAM (30% Risk) - Pepperstone MT5:

                    Also, if you are going to copy my 30% Risk MAM account at Pepperstone, you can sign up under my Pepperstone IB to take advantage of the sign up bonus and commission rebate:

                    Have a nice weekend!


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                      SFE Portfolio Weekly Result - 27th July 2020 to 31st July 2020

                      Total Portfolio Return
                      = Total Balance - (Total Deposit - Total Withdrawal)
                      = $166957.98 - ($174957.38 - $30069.04)
                      = +$22069.24

                      Weekly Change
                      = This Week's Total Return - Last Week's Total Return
                      = $22069.24 - $17056.75
                      = +$5012.49

                      We made another $5K in profit this week, and we are just a stone's throw away from making a new equity high.

                      With next week's busy Forex Calendar (see below), there is a very good chance we will get there. We also ended July with about $9K in gains so it was a good month.

                      On Telegram, Joel has just released a new list of Stock symbols suitable for IC Market so I will update the list this weekend. The same list will be used for Pepperstone unless the Stock is not available there.

                      You can now copy my accounts on Social Trader Tools:

                      Smart Forex Expert Signal (100% Risk) - IC Markets MT5:

                      Smart Forex Expert MAM (30% Risk) - Pepperstone MT5:

                      You can also sign up under my Pepperstone IB to take advantage of the sign up bonus and commission rebate:

                      Have a nice weekend!