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Sharing my holly grail strategy- Try it and See.

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  • Sharing my holly grail strategy- Try it and See.

    Below is a description of the strategy I use to make my analysis and description. It has proven useful for months and years.
    20 EMA
    Stochastic (8,3,3)
    (Also add Relative Vigor Index RVI (9))
    Time Frames:
    15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour.
    Locate a divergence on 30 minute-chart. Note that divergence is a popular concept in technical analysis that describes when the price is moving in the opposite direction of a technical indicator.
    There are two types of divergences: Regular divergence Hidden divergence (if you are serious about learning my strategy, you have some homework here. Regular divergences signal a possible trend reversal. It can be bullish or bearish. So read more about this. On the other hand, hidden divergences signal a possible trend continuation. It can be bullish or bearish. So read more on this).

    Go to the one-hour chart, ensure that the price is above 20ema.
    Go to a 15-hour chart, ensure that price has not exceeded the previous one high if it is a bullish trend or previous low is you want to sell.
    If the above three conditions apply, place your order or wait until the price touched the 20EMA before placing your order.

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    Just search "MarchFx" on telegram and you will see my channel


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      Lots of helpful discussion and free signals with take profit and stop loss. Search the channel and see fore guru's exist in this world


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        Don't you offer a myfxbook account to see your performance?


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          Your approach looks good enough.
          And I like the fact that you have accurately prescribed all the parameters so that traders no longer waste time on this and can immediately use it in practice.
          And in fact, this particular detail is often lacking in order for a person to adapt it to the market.
          And thanks to you, people will receive an almost ready-made action plan that can potentially bring results.
          It seems to me that it is cool that modern traders share their observations and best practices in order to help other traders. Because this is precisely one of the main reasons why traders use forums, and this really tomorrow can turn into real help to you.


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            I definitely believe that there are profitable traders in the market who know how to generate income on an ongoing basis and are really well versed in the current events. But I'm not sure that one strategy can be suitable for absolutely every trader, because we are all very different and use different parameters for work and for making decisions. Therefore, despite the fact that I sincerely believe in your professionalism and in the fact that you have created or picked up something worthwhile, I will still ask all traders who have paid attention to your developments, to begin with, check it out in practice, of course, on a demo to start. So that a person can assess whether it is useful for him and whether this format is right for him.


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              I noticed an amazing feature - it is traders with experience who trade right now, who achieve the greatest results and, accordingly, can share their recommendations with other traders. And this is probably due precisely to the fact that these people themselves face certain difficulties and in this regard, they understand well what others need to do to avoid such troubles. And I do not see anything wrong with using the help of someone else, especially if it is focused on the independent work of traders and this really allows them to get some new and effective approach that can become a mainstay in the market for a long time.