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    You surprise me nicely as you joined on the second and weak part of the month! I'm observing like more and more people putting a serious attention to few trades or a week results makes me scary.....I'm trying to explain if asked to don't do it but it is getting a challenge slowly for me; well, to be a vendor it is pretty new stuff for and I have to handle that of course; now I'm thinking to write down something about real expectations and money management in practice....we'll see.
    It is my pleasure to talk about Price Action, mate - you're very welcome to contact me.
    Sincerely, Mariusz


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      I've to say this type of trading is more discouraging to watch compared to a 90% win strategy, especially during the current losing streak.

      But it's still a relief knowing how much I'll be losing per trade, vs a grid or marty where the losses run a huge account percentage.

      Hope to getting out of this DD soon.

      Nothing tells me more how much I should be risking until the losing streak comes. But knowing you came back from higher DD so many times, I believe history will repeat itself.
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        Come on Mariusz let's get some wins!! Been a bad losing streak after having a hot winning streak! Seems news kills your trades recently, but also it looks like that is how you have traded for 12 months and it has made good profits so far. Hopefully up for some green pips soon. Keep up the work mate.


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          Nice trading Mariusz

          Really like your style of trading and that you stick to your trading plan no matter what. No change of style even though going through DD.

          All the best,


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            Dear Sir: I apologize for contacting you but I did want to get a clarification of what is to come next. You graciously refunded the Dec. membership, I did receive your email, thank you; but now I don't have your service listed in my control panel. Can you tell when you will resume trading and how I will be able to reactivate your service in my control panel?

            Best Regards,


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              Over one month since a post from you Mariusz and you're in the middle of the highest drawdown in over 15 months of trading.

              This is such a frustratingly reoccurring theme with signal providers.

              When things get tough you (and most other traders) stick your head in the sand when you need to be doing the opposite.

              I know better than anyone how hard it can be to deal with disgruntled followers, but I also know understand the importance of communication during these periods.

              Can you please give a rough indication on what's gone wrong and how you plan on digging out of this hole?

              Edit - I've just received an email from one of your subscribers defending you. They have sent me copies of the emails you sent out to your clients over the past few weeks. Please accept my apologies and well done for looking after your clients! Good luck in recovering this drawdown, I'm now confident you're looking after your subscribers and doing everything possible to help them.
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                Yes I have recieved 2 emails over past weeks. One describing the losses and a break. And 1 with the trading plan and stats going forward.


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                  Has anyone received any update from Mariusz since the first of the year? Mariusz sent out some great information and analysis via direct email and I was really looking forward to his next trading period. I have not rec'd any response to my posting question here. I am not trying to complain, flame or otherwise cause discomfort. I just wanted understand what is to happen with the signal coming up on the next subscription billing date in a week. If anyone has any info please share. Best Regards all.