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    Monthly objective of a monthly return between 2-5 percent was achieved for the month of March.

    March gain: 3.03%
    Draw down: 3.64%

    It was doing well the first 2 weeks of March then I crap out the last 2 weeks of the month.

    Let's see what April fools bring.

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      Hello traders,

      Starting May 1, 2015, I am offering to provide free signals for my FxTurtle account to 5 souls only.

      After 1 month and if you want to continue to receive the signals, I will only charge $15 per month, which is the cost of Simpletrader Trade Copier.

      This account is traded at Tickmill with a leverage of 10:1, the reason being my strategy is a high frequency scalping and Tickmill commission is only $4/RT.
      In this regard, I applied and was approved as an IB of Tickmill. You can choose any broker you want if you are interested, but if you choose Tickmill let me know.

      Risk setting guideline:

      Conservative: 0.5x
      Moderate: 1x
      Aggressive: 2x

      For the sake of your funds and your sanity, NEVER EVER follow more than 3X risk multiplier.

      Pair traded: EURUSD
      Maximum open position: 3, but most of the time only 2.
      Maximum risk per trade: 0.3%
      Trade frequency per day: 10 - 50 trades (A low commission broker is highly preferred due to high trade frequency)
      No trades are carried over the weekend.
      Trading stopped at 2:00 PM EST Friday

      Return per month goal: 5 - 10 percent (Moderate Risk Profile)

      Drawdown limit to stop trading for the week: 10%
      Drawdown limit to stop trading for the month: 20%

      If there is a soul interested, send me email at

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        Good Luck with this!


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          I got 3 souls already. Two more souls to sail with me to Tortuga


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            count me in.. Would love to do some work withyou mate. pm me


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              I have collected 5 souls, we'll six actually, cuz I will accommodate the 6th soul. The 7th soul and the rest, you have to find Davey Jones to collect your souls.

              I will send you details in your email. Expect the email before the end of the month.



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                Do you send the signal by email Turtle.


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                  Originally posted by phillipnaz View Post
                  Do you send the signal by email Turtle.
                  I use the Simpletrader trade copier.



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                    Tomorrow is a big NFP day.

                    Turtle will not pick top and bottom in tomorrow's trades. Turtle will ride the price wherever it may go.

                    No trade 30 minutes before NFP. 1 trade seconds after release. You might not get filled with this trade because of fast moving price. I will trade the usual way after a clear price direction which usually happens after 15 to 30 minutes.

                    If we get good pips early tomorrow, Turtle will stop trading early.



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                      Sounds like a good plan Turtle!

                      Loving your signal so far mate, is always reassuring with the SL's in place too, decent pip gains so far

                      Keep doing what you do best mate! glad to be onboard



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                        Hello 5 Souls,

                        I am done for the week.

                        I will post the stats here since beginning of May when you guys started copying my trading signals. (One started May 1st and the rest May 3rd)

                        Here are some stats taken from FxTurtle Myfxbook.

                        Week ended May 8th:
                        Pip gain: +415
                        Equity gain: +2.39%
                        Drawdown: 0.62%

                        May Month to Date:
                        Pip gain: +392
                        Equity gain: 2.15%
                        Month to date DD: 0.62%

                        Since Account opened:
                        Pip gain: +1,796
                        Equity gain: 19.04%
                        Historical DD: 9.20%

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                          Great results Turtle 👍


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                            hi fxurtle and others,
                            as one of the early birds who started on 3rd of May let me share my results and my setup for broker/VPS evaluation:

                            Broker: Tickmill (Exchange account)
                            VPS: NewYork server (Enterprise A)
                            using Simpletrader copier with LotSize multipler 1x

                            week 3.May-8.May:
                            result: 392.8 pips
                            slippage: -22.3 pips (5%)

                            I think the setup works just fine considering that VPS is located in NY while the broker is in London.
                            If anyone wants to analyze further here is Myfxbook link (please look only at pips stats because I will change balance and risk settings in the future):

                            Oh and last but not least: that was some fine trading this week. Keep it up!

                            cheers, fox


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                              Hi Turtle Group.

                              Here are this weeks stats for review.

                              Week ended May 8th:

                              Pips: +400.7 pips
                              Broker:Global Prime
                              Slippage -14.3 pips (3.6% less pips than master rounded up to nearest .1)
                              VPS Location:Manchester
                              This is using LotSize 1x's

                              Very happy with the results, no copier issues over here, all in all a great week of trading

                              Further analysis @
                              filter by including "Turtle" & "from" and exclude "*.*" to seperate out this system from the rest on my account

                              Again fine trading this week!

                              Many thanks for all the green pips


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                                Hello members of this early bird group.

                                Week ended May 8th:
                                Pips: +416,5
                                Broker: IC Markets
                                VPS Location: NY
                                Following at 1x lot multipiler.

                                My observation in the past is that I do have less slippage with the VPS located in NY (ping to IC Markets servers 1 to 2 milliseconds) even if the signal has to be transmitted from London to NY in the first place.

                                I like the way Turtle is sticking to SL set on positions.
                                Let's go on!

                                Kind regards,