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    Thanks for looking into it Will!!


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      the trading of the second basket last Friday (08/15) was far from being executed as desired. Here are some numbers:

      - Master account closed the 7 trades of the basket from 17:41:40 to 17:41:43
      - My account closed these trades from 17:43:42 to 17:53:44.

      This is a delay between 01:59 and 12:01 (appr. 2 - 12 minutes). I am wondering if this delay can be explained with the lack of liquidity because of the flood of orders - I have my doubts.

      Question is where the delays are coming from? In the list below I inserted all time stamps I could collect for the one trade with the biggest delay in the basket. The statements with the question marks are in the hand of SimpleTrader :]

      MT4 trade ID: 3940466

      Master account closed trade: 17:41:40
      Trade signal reached ST server in UK: ?
      ST server passed trade to copier EA: ?
      Trade reached terminal, terminal sent request to broker: ?
      Broker executed the trade and sent confirmation back to terminal: 17:53:43.917 - 17:53:44.347
      Terminal reports back to ST server: ?

      I really would like to know what the log files of ST report regarding the missing time stamps.



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        Hey guys - we are still waiting for a big closure to see something. The closes today executed in a nice 1 second or so.


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          How was that recent basket for you Will?

          My 4 trades all said >5 secs closure time. With the following slippage:


          ICM + STVPS UK

          This is reasonably indicative of most baskets for me. Except this basket grabbed a few more pips profit which was good, but usually the total pip count is less.

          p.s. thanks for investigating this in detail btw. I know you're busy, and we appreciate it


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            Your test accounts did pretty well however.

            The MT4 almost matched the master, and cTrader not far off.

            That was unexpected, as the MT4 is ICM + STVPS UK as well right?

            Me (MT4 ICM + STVPS UK) - 25.8 pips
            cTrader - 29.8 pips
            MT4 - 32.40 pips
            C2 Master - 33.1 pips


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              My account - - ICM on CNS NY server 30.2 pips (MT4) - interesting comparison with your ST VPS on ICM, might have been lucky this time, although usually 3-4 pips behind master, sometimes more on a fast moving closing candle.
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                Thats a very respectable result littlemax

                3-4 pips behind the master is very good. I'd be extremely happy with that.

                On this basket 3 pips would represent about 10% less than the master. Whereas I was around 22% less.

                I think once you starting getting over 10% difference from the master it begins to affect the stats / performance quite heavily.

                Thanks for your details ... interesting that you are on NY VPS also ...


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                  Per my understand and confirmed with, the work flow is start from signal server of in UK-Manchester --> VPS Server's server---> broker server. Then, for each trade the's server will send a updating signal to monitor the status. Therefore, if the vps for IC market is located in NY, the signal will send from UK-Manchester ---> NY VPS---> UK Mechester ---> IC's server in NY. Since the signal need pass through the Atlantic Ocean two times, the ping at least delay 500ms. In short, the most fastest vps would be located at UK-Manchester near the even though the broker server in NY.


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                    In theory that is absolutely correct chris ...

                    But in practice there seems to be another factor which is impacting results. An unknown factor at the moment.

                    I've been running from the UK - Manchester VPS to ICM for a while now, and consistently getting much worse than the master, and worse than others on ICM and NY.

                    So there is possibly a gremlin somewhere ... snacking on pips ...


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                      I have been running two Caesar2 signal subscriptions to two ICM accounts on the same server and the one account always outperforms the other.


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                        I talked with Angus @ ICM about this - his view was that being closest to the broker server was a safer option during news events when the chance of delays are higher- not necessarily faster (with signal from ST UK) but perhaps a safer & more reliable option- implying that problems were more likely to be from the broker side in this case in fast markets. I tried running the signal from CNS UK on ICM - I thought it should be better option also - & occasionally I observed dropouts on the broker connection shown in MT4 logs, so reverted back to NY server which has consistently been more reliable for me during news.
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                          Hey timo. Yes recent baskets all closing perfectly for us at the minute. Waiting for a bad close to see where the delays are


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                            On the recent basket I ended up with a loss. I am on a weeks trial FOR Caesar2 but will probably cancel until I can decide upon a more appropriate broker.
                            Currently FxOpen UK & STVPS. The basket earlier in the day I did end up with a profit of 28.9. I have heard that ICM, Pepperstone and Global Prime might be more suitable for this signal, if anyone has any experience or suggestions thanks.

                            -3, 7, -2.3, -7, -8.2 total -13.5
                            -2.2, 2.3, -3.8, 1.6, 10.6 total 8.5


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                              @fabx I took a loss on the second basket as well with ICM. I find it happens when the master closes at a very volatile time. Overall it doesn't matter to me when taking into consideration the profit for a full month.


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                                Scott how did your loss compare was it similar if so I guess there is little point in me considering changing broker.