My name is Zia, I'm a full time Forex/stocks trader and real estate agent. I started Forex trading a few years ago and have been very successful.
Since my personal funds are invested in property I decided to start the following:

I took a $100k loan from the bank with an annual interest rate of 5%. My goal is to make 35% to 65%
total profit in the next 12 months, which is an average of 3-5% monthly. This will cover my 5% interest rate and leave me with a substantial remaining profit.

I will only withdraw from my profits to pay the monthly payment to the bank. After a 12 month period I will withdraw the initial deposit and trade with just the profits to continue my services.

Unfortunately I don't have history in meta trader 4 platform, but you will see consistent profit. I know I will be able to cover the interest charged but I strongly do NOT suggest anyone to take a loan and join me!!

Trading style: I'm a swing/scalping trader and trade on major pairs.

You will lose a Maximum of 5% capital amount if you are running me at same risk.

My maximum draw down will be 5% once my account reach to 5% draw down I will close the trades.

Here is the link for subscription:

I will be available on the forum between London and New York sessions, if you have any questions, you can post them there.

Good luck team, your copier system is great! Thanks to Nick-Admin.