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wondering about mt4 site

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  • wondering about mt4 site

    mql4.com signals. Are they on the menu. In the assessment of new systems, can you end up selection systems from over there too.

    Im not sure though, perhaps the number of traders is not the problem, it is consistent ones and only myFxBook at the moment.

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    MQL4.com or MQL5.com is operated and maintained by http://www.metaquotes.net Sister sites like MQL4 do provide signals services just like Simpletrader.net does. How ever Simpletrader has delivered a controlled platform for users/subscribers to have better control of their subscriptions. Over time Those with MQL4 and MQL5 will migrate over to Simpletrader.net and keep both methods as means to deliver their signals.... At this time Simpletrader does not correlate or has any ties to MQL4 or MQL5 signal services. Simpletrader.net has it's own servers and trade copier to provide MT4 users Free as a subscriber.

    So MQL4 signals can not be added to simpletrader.net menu. The signal provider must subscribe to simpletrader.net and use the Commercial Copier signup to have his/her signal show up on the simpletrader.net signal menu...

    Hope this was helpful...
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