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  • timo

    Do you know how he manages his current clients accounts?

    a) Via a trade copier similar akin to SimpleTrader, or:

    b) Running his EA on the clients MT4 terminals directly, on his VPS etc.

    One big factor for a grid system via a copier is slippage.

    I've been following Caesar2 (great system btw) for a while, which is a EURUSD grid. And the biggest thing I noticed was slippage during big baskets.

    I thought it had to do with server distance etc, because the clients he was managing directly (with his EA on their MT4 on his VPS) had 0 slippage, and sometimes positive slippage. But I was nearly always getting neg slippage, even though I was on the same broker (ICMarkets), and was using the SimpleTrader VPS etc, so the most optimal setup possible.

    It turned out it is purely because a big basket needs to close trades sequentially in order, and the copier needs to follow this order.
    So we were noticing sizeable slippage via the copier. It averages between -5% and -15%, but can get as high as -50% sometimes, especially if closed during volatility.

    So something to think about in advance perhaps?

    And another reason why possibly he wants to limit the account size, is to prevent disturbances to liquidity. If it's trading only 1 or 2 pairs.

    Looks awesome though. I love me a grid I must say
    It will be tough to keep me away ...

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  • pearcey2
    Can the signal provider really see your account size? Or is it under the honesty system?

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  • Nick
    started a topic The Golden Key

    The Golden Key

    Hey guys,

    I added an exciting new signal to today.

    This is a manually traded grid strategy primarily on EURUSD and GPBUSD.

    I really like the way this guy trades, however I've decided not to include him as a team trader because he's got some fairly strong views about offering the signal long term. He'll be cutting of signals to new subscribers in January 2015 and capping account balances to $20,000 for existing clients. A MAM will be available if you would like to continue following him with a large account.

    This doesn't change the fact that he knows how to make money. I've been watching his account for the past month and I have to say that I'm really impressed with the way he operates. Even in this low volatility environment he's managing to extract a decent return.

    He's told me the maximum risk he'll take on a basket of trades is 20% with a maximum of 30 open trades.

    This is the most consistently profitable trader I've seen this year