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    Is there an existing thread for this signal?

    I couldn't find one, but if there is please let me know and I'll trash this.

    I'd be interested to hear about peoples experience with this if anyone has the time to comment.


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    What comments were deleted?


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      Originally posted by Zuttasoxx View Post
      There were a number of comments asking why the master account was set to private as soon as it went into heavy DD
      It seems he's just waiting for EU and GU to push back up mainly. Frustrating to not have any comment from the signal provider or even the ability to see the myfxbook link


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        I contacted the signal provider about this and advised him that we can no longer list it on any of our sites due to his actions.

        I don't take any responsibility for what happened since it was on the public ConnectForex site, however I don't like to see such unprofessionalism a from a vendor

        He said he removed the profile because he said he was suffering from stress due to the subscribers comments.
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          it's no offense to the Cookie, but He's coping or is PureProfit or they both bought the same EA because half of his trades are the same entry points +/- a few pips I only know this looking at the history in Simpletrader or connect forex history. Figure that one out...