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  • Originally posted by Sherif
    Agree ... the point is that i will take it to the max when i see a come back. ...
    But this time .. gbp is in big trouble .. so is the aussie ..
    Also this is the first time we get such dd with 1 open position. . Previously a basket got us to such mess .. nit 1 single trade .. so the come back is 700 pips away .. which i see impossible before brexit .. and entering brexit .. even with a hedge .. is insanely risky ...
    Also as i see both trades were opened based on an aussie weakness
    . So whats the point of opening on 2 pairs ...?? If this basket doubles my account in 1 trade .. i will still see it the worst basket i have seen from vigay since i joined this site in 2013 ...
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    Hey Sherif, I let the GBPAUD as it is add dud not add to it because I'd the inherent risk involved. I get it was not the right time. We get tough situations from tone to time. We have to trade iur way out of it. Only then we can survive in this profession. Let's not lose our focus.

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    Trade the market, not the trader