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TQforex signals: How to copy them

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  • Originally posted by tqforex View Post
    I did not insult a single trader by name. But what I said was an automated system will beat a manual trader. Its a simple fact. Why will it do so? Because a code will have 11 pairs of eyes while a manual guy has just 2. Its a well known fact. Thats why majority of forex funds (high quality ones) run on code. This cannot be taken as abusive. Am not benefitting a dime. We were welcomed with open arms when Nick said "we are happy you make money for our subs" and now Nick calls us scums. But there is a challenge involved in this. Automated systems will beat manual traders over medium and long term. Nothing to feel insulted.
    This is quite funny alot of those people who say just like you are usually charing $$$ their customer and they do not use real money usally, now i see you use real money or atleast thats what myfxbook says but i would never change to automatic system it is doomed to fail if it doesn't fail today it will most probably fail tomorow simple as that.
    Or let say like this let say your system will work forever how come they fail on making airplane not dropping down from the air ?
    Shouldn't you be contacted by an airplane constructor if your system was fooled proof i mean you should be able to construct a safe airplane too if your code is awsome.


    • Guys, can I just put my 2 cents in (again), and say who gives a flying ****.

      I've let my thoughts be known on the matter in previous posts. And I believe I am right.

      This thread should be filled with things about how the trading system is going, what it's looking for etc etc. I couldn't give a rat's arse about any of the other shit. Why are we here? 2 reasons. To either MAKE MONEY or to SUCCEED.

      All we should discuss should be relative to those 2 factors. Everything else is bullshit it makes both Nick and TQ look bad.

      I'd suggest deleting this thread and starting again without the childlike behavior from either party. This is a ****ing business.


      • Gabriel/TQ

        I'll keep it short. The reason I don't like what you're doing here is:

        You are using our community to attract customers while trashing our traders.

        If this was any other site you would have been banned long ago.

        BRM - Sorry mate, but I'm not going to stand aside while someone stabs me in the back repeatedly. I'll either delete the thread and ban Gabriel, or defend myself. Trust me, I'd much rather leave him to do his own thing and not get involved with this bullshit.
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        • Yep I agree that it's uncalled for to use this medium, if I were you I would of stopped the thread weeks ago. Hence why I suggest deleting it and starting again. There Is too much defamatory remarks in this thread for it to continue in present form imo. Fine if it's somewhere else. But on Forex signals website??? Not on I reckon.
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          • I will try my best to put lines without hurting the delicate sentiments of people involved.

            One of the questions a trader should ask himself is: Why is it trading at specific hours.
            - Golden trades 11 symbols. These 11 symbols were chosen because there is something very strange that happens with them as compared to others. All these symbols trade at specific hours of a day. So what we observed was during specific hours of entry, these symbols trades had greater chance of success than when they traded at other hours of entry. This is something which is extremely new and raw in its concept. GoldenBoy uses this concept of "hour of entry" to make sure it enters trend trades at specific hours only.
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            • I needed help in determining good MAM guys
              The choice is between
              - Global Prime
              - Alpari
              - Pepperstone
              - MT.Cook

              I personally dont like the third option as heard to many stories.

              Any suggestions please. I think MAM is the best way to give out Golden Boy signals. I dont like upfront payments etc. Its too cheesy for me to ask people to pay and some even pay but its too burdensome to ask someone else for upfront money. MAM I believe solves these isssues and at end of year, take a cut of your performance. Much better in its execution.


              • I've had enough of this... time to nip it in the bud and close the thread.

                TQ, contact me privately if you want to discuss.
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