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    My investment philosophy; Investment is a comprehensive trading arts, the core of it is to grasp the opportunity. As a strategic provider, i will make an investment under the premise of ensuring the safety of principal, in line with the principle of responsible for customer. Although this strategy can’t let you rich in a short time, I believe that with the accumulation of time, your wealth will increase. I firmly believe that, as long as we hold the correct investment philosophy and strategy, our future mill be more successful.

    I have seen consistency by using technical patterns with match with my personality and goals. My strategy is focused on short term trades i will try to act like a Cheetah get the pips when i see opportunity and get out with 20-40 pips that will increase yours account I trade only EURGBP and I mainly monitor break of support and resistance. Parameter advise: 3-6 positions with a hidden stop loss between 50 and 100..

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    You are using PAMM 5K bonus account correct?


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      no i have fund ...also client fund ...


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        r u Manuel trader sir ... performance is good ... nice strategy