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  • Hi Arkoon,

    EA's are not for everyone and they do require some fundamental analysis to understand when to switch then off and on plus how to tweak accordingly. I think hanstrend has potential and Hans has a lot of capability to improve the signal. I'm not a programmer so there is an extent to which I can modify EAs based on stats. Hans could make the EA a lot more adaptive then commercial products out there.

    "Not working anymore EA" isn't accurate - the current narrow monthly pip band makes the EA unprofitable - volatility can return in September returning the EA to profitability. This is not a permanent change to the market rendering the EA nonviable.


    Originally posted by arkoon View Post
    alazarus, despite I will not defend HansTrend that I paid 600usd or so for 6 months and got only losses (I stopped a bit after max DD hit), and will not blame Hans as it is not his fault, why are you interested in tweaking HansTrend when you have your Robinvol doing good, if I hear you well? Why tweak a "non working anymore EA" to make it better when you have one that already works well?

    I ask again Hans to release other systems than Gold and HansTrend......


    • Please notice the """ when I say it does not work anymore.
      Like some here I saw the AMAZING history, I bought 6 months 600usd, and I had only losses. So I am sad (unlucky, ...) BUT it is none's fault.


      • I am going to check this out. I must admit alarm bells go off when I hear about trends and look at the time of year.


        • More big losses today...
          Hans will you support your subs and offer some free months?
          This has become quite unfortunate and really ridiculous to continue to pay for this. I'll be cancelling my subscription otherwise.


          • Some form of recognition to your subs for some time would be appreciated. I think I could speak on behalf of a few here for this request.


            • This strategy is non sellable as a signal. ..
              No one would pay for 1 % growth in 8 months this much. .. no matter how big his capital was .. nor wven suitable for a mamm imo ..
              Good thing i took the right decision, ,

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              • Hans, I'm a your Gold MAM investor from 1 year and I'm satisfied, and for that I have invested in your HansTrend (6 month subscription). The performances of last 3 months are very poor and the strategy still take bad trades, every day; if you trading blindfolded you will get better results (I have followed every day every trade)! Yes, ok the strategy use SL not is a grid system, but with a decent multiplier (to cover high price of this signal) I will wipe out my account. Another embarrassing thing is how may time the strategy was in profit and in the end quit in loss... also, why in the uge events like NFP the strategy is not deactivated or managed manually? Sorry, but and this point I have lost some your confidence... (and obvious, I will not renew the subscription)


                • The fairest Hans can do. I think he won't but I have right to suggest no?
                  Remove this HansTrend for now, time to fix it for sure now.
                  Instead, offer the others good strategies he has in his secret portofolio.
                  Then I will not have paid 600usd for 6 months for only losses!
                  Thanks Hans!


                  • Originally posted by BMM View Post
                    it means ~2 times max historical DD ----> trading system has to be paused accordingly to normal knowledge about TS

                    I asked info about this common sense rule in the last days without any answer so I am forced to escalate my questions:

                    1) Hans, is two times max historical DD also your limit to stop a trading system?

                    2) Hans, are you going to stop Hanstrend due to point 1 ?

                    you did your best bringing us Hanstrend and I still thank you for that. This could happen and maybe happened, it 's normal with trading systems and just bad luck that happened as soon as you started selling it
                    still no answer. Thankfully I stopped Hanstrend many days ago due to my above consideration

                    What is next step? Are you going to compensate this bad adventure offering an other system?

                    I still believe that it was just bad fortune to start offering a TS when it crashed but it happened indeed


                    • Hans,

                      are you on holiday?


                      • Yes with my 600usd (6 month subscription..... joking....
                        again, yes unlucky, but not Hans' fault. Still I lost money with this EA, add to that my 600usd subscription...


                        • I've unfortunately had to cancel the subscription for now as I cannot afford to keep persisting and last week trades were again dissatisfaction. I'm really disappointed with not just the money that I have spent but the money lost but also on the lack of correspondence from Hans of late. I appreciate him trying to help us out here but I hope that he can offer us something here. I was genuinely excited by Hans Trend. I've had to reevaluate my trading goals because of this. Anyways hopefully we hear from Hans. Hope it turns around for you guys, like I said literally can't afford to keep paying the sub fee anymore


                          • I must say that I've been staying on the sideline both for this and for goldstar because of the--really--awful communication from Hans.

                            He comes across as someone who came up with pretty smart (or lucky?) algorithms and thus became super lazy because he thought there was not too much work to put into this game. Then whenever there are complains, he puts the responsibility on his "team" who didn't notice him with the problem, like he's on vacation all the time.

                            I am not 100% sure about what I just wrote, but it's definitely up there in my mind. Thus there are two options:

                            - Please someone makes a very strong case to show me that I am wrong to think this way (I'd appreciate it if that someone was Hans)

                            - OR, if there is some truth to this, I think we, as a community, should seriously start to either push Hans out so that he doesn't hurt the community once his systems start to really fail (and that he just disappear without a word), or push hard to get his head straight and get him to do the job he is paid for (which involves actively monitoring his signals and communicating with subs if he wants to be part of

                            What do you guys think?


                            • UPDATE:

                              If you guys keep demanding things from me, saying there is bad communication, then next time read better what I write down here. I am here every day reading what you folks are posting, and I explained that I will not answer:

                              ... and will post here again once I have come to a conclusion/result and whether I will change HansTrend slightly or not... To be continued. Hopefully during next week... same goes for answering any questions based on my reply here.
                              This was posted by me 2,5 weeks ago, and it seems that now that I found the reason of the losses and I'm about to add the slightly different tp/sl levels you subscribers really start to annoy me, making me already asking Nick directly on Skype to cancel this signal, as well as GoldStar... why should I even bother? Unless Nick is somehow able to talk me out of it. I will NOT tolerate all of this, period. I'm fine with people being scared and skeptic, perhaps of bad experiences with other signal providers? Well, fine, but that is not really my problem, is it?

                              I have always SINCE DAY 1, been honest and open with everyone, replying to each single question, on the forum, by Skype and by mail.. and you folks are getting on my nerves to not let me finish what I said 2,5 weeks ago. If this is how I'm treated for my work, I'll be gone.

                              (like this post to show me whether there are actually people still supporting me over here)


                              • Great guys. You just bashed away one of my most trusted signal provider. I've been subscribed to both of hans signal since almost inception. He has been nothing but helpful. Of course I lost money with hanstrend and I willingly accept the loss that comes with it. If anyone thinks that subscribing to a signal = guaranteed money printing for you then you need to get checked.

                                The rules have been stated before. And he is already aware of the drawdown. If anyone thinks that they can adapt a whole system in a few days then by all means make your own signal.

                                If you're uncomfortable with paying for the signal and receiving 3 months of losses the it's fine, unsub if you want but there is absolutely no reason in this case to question the authenticity of the trader.
                                If you're uncomfortable with 12 percent dd then you're running way too high a risk or you're simply not cut out for investing in forex.

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