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  • FX Protector - High quality scalping

    Hello there!

    I am FX Protector and i would like to share my vision, goals and tell you more about my trading style / specification.

    FX Protector trading specification :
    - EUR/USD only
    - Technical & fundamental
    - 100% manual trading
    - Focusing on quality setups not quantity
    - Extreamly high accurate scalping strategy (developed by me)
    - 0 - 5 trades per day
    - Basket trading is possible (i do not wait that every trade ends up in profit)
    - No martingele, No high frequency trading

    Trading goals :
    - Quality scalping trades with 5 - 10 pips per trade
    - Monthly goal : around 10% (very agressive)
    - Money management (currently, very agressive) = 100$ -> 0.01 per trade..... 1000$ -> 0.1 per trade etc...
    - Max historic drawdown : around 6%
    - Maximum possible drawdown : 15% (protected by EA, 100% protect)

    Have in mind that this MM is very agressive and it is not suitable for managing bigger capital. This statistic is good just to see consistency and to get a feeling about my trading style.
    So please do not start yelling that my MM is too agressive because i doing it with reason Thanks for understanding !
    PS : If i will get enough requests for this kind of risk for one of PAMM accounts it will be applied

    Vision :
    My vision is to offer long term quality trading and manage capital. I am also looking for bigger investors, hedge funds, prop firms....etc.
    I will also apply to become partner with later on!

    NOTE : I am in trading only since 2013 and i am still in "practice mode", at the end of the year i will have 9 - 10 months of statistic. I understand that i need more kilometers.
    So expect something more from me at the end of the year. If i would say that i am in trading for 10 years or that i am proffesional i would lie...But i am working each day very hard, full time. Trough these two years i gained enough experiance to built my own high accurate scalping strategy. I wish you guys will accept me well and respect my honesty.

    PAMM ACCOUNT IS COMMING SOON (couple of months) !
    Contact :
    Follow me on Myfxbook :

    Feel free to contact me!

    FX Protector
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    I will follow your progress.


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      i was hoping for a more transparent myfxbook stats all of it is a lock on cant really see any stats at all.


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        I apologize and i agree with you NeiSep. I opened most of the options.

        FX Protector


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          Ok so i am done for this week. Today i was also in trading room and i must say it is interesting
          About market : EUR is strong bullish so be careful with short trades. Also daily trend is broken for quiet long time now. So watch out.
          + 2.83 gain and all scalping positions are closed.

          FX Protector


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            Ok guys so i finished this month with +7.58 gain (10x risk) . I learnt alot this months and even improved my system.
            My signal will be offered on simple trader in august or september. With much lower risk. 0.02 lot per 1000$ (2x on master, around 2% per month) which would generate + 1.51% this month.
            I think that most people will copy me with 2x or 3x risk which will generate 4 - 6% per month . Pamm accounts will also be avalible on 2x and 3x risk , website in progress.

            Follow me on myfxbook :
            Best Regards

            FX Protector
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              V impressive.
              Lets hope you maintain up the good work.


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                you are using SL?
                what is your expected loss per trade?


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                  Bangash, thanks!
                  Ace i do not use active SL but i cut losses quiet early as you can see. Otherwise i am protected by EA , when equity drop for X% all positions get closed (currently i am trading with 10x which means 0.1 per 1000$ and i have EA set on -10% max DD), If i would trade with 5x i would have -5% max DD, 2x..max DD is -2% and so on...


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                    FX Protector - Forex Trading Performance June 2015

                    Summary :
                    Greece marathon is hopefully comming to the end. I was and i am still trading very carefully for the last 2 weeks. This reflect on the account growth, pips etc....I Generated only 5.9% gain this month. With proper MM it would be around 8% (i am currently still using same lot size as on the begining, this is the reason why % gain each month decrease, 2nd reason why % decrease is because i am adding more filters and trade less agressive making less pips, reason number 3 is that market is currently not in trend in june as for example in April or May. From my personal point of view this was very quiet month, but this kind of months will apear. MY only goal is to trade TOP QUALITY SETUPS, pips/% will come by itself, some week/month more some less... Honestly i can't have major impact on my account growth, if market does not give me proper setups i can't / i won't and I must not take the trade.

                    Note :
                    I won't be trading a lot in july, because of holidays and market usually become slower.

                    About signal :
                    I learnt a lot in June and looking forward to even improve my trading. In September/ October expect my signal offered on Simpletrader for price betwen 50$ - 70$.
                    I will also decrease risk but you will be informed about all details so no worries for now.

                    Other :
                    I also got called that i am a scammer or that my account/trading is fake. I can only say that If you have time to think about that, then this is your problem.

                    Because of my decisions, i am still here tomorow!

                    Myfxbook :

                    Best Regards
                    FX Protector


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                      Do you offer a signal?
                      Maybe we can have big slippage since you scalp.


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                        I'm a 10 pip a day scalper. I'm looking forward for this signal to be offered. Keep me updated. Cheers

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                          @Arkoon i wrote in my last post about all information you are looking for. Slippage should be very minimal, because i trade in "relaxed" market most of the times.
                          @Emmanueljr Will keep you updated!



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                            will be watching your performance. Keep me posted also please.


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                              Hello guys!

                              This month is very quiet for me. I cannot say that it is bad month because i follow my plan, rules and i am still improving my system. If i don't get setup which i want to see and requier from market... i simply do not trade and i don't care about it at all... Anyway! I was on vacation for almost 2 weeks and had a great time, back with new energy. Otherwise...

                              What is new?
                              If i havent mentioned yet i backtest 6 different trade managements for each trade i entered it. So data is realistic...Personaly I would really like to trade with fixed stop loss and take profit so i found something interesting...
                              Tomorow it will be 4 months of live trading (few months consistent profit on demo before) with my system. Here is the statistic of few trade managements which would make profit :

                              WITH MANUAL TRADING I HAVE MADE 404 PIPS till now!

                              TP = 5 pips | SL = 10 pips
                              Reward vs risk = 1 : 2
                              Won : 89 | Lost = 26 | total : 115 trades
                              Pips gained : 445 | Pips lost : 260 | total : 185 pips
                              Win ratio = 77.3%

                              __________________________________________________ ____________

                              TP = 5 pips | SL = 20 pips
                              Reward vs risk = 1 : 4
                              Won : 104 | Lost : 11 | total : 115 trades
                              Pips gained : 520 | Pips lost : 220 | total : 300 pips
                              Win ratio = 90,4%

                              __________________________________________________ ____________

                              TP = 5 pips | SL = 30 pips
                              Reward vs risk = 1 : 6
                              Won : 110 | Lost : 5 | total : 115 trades
                              Pips gained : 550 | Pips lost : 150 | total : 400 pips
                              Win ratio = 95,6%

                              __________________________________________________ _____________

                              TP = 5 pips | SL = 40 pips
                              Reward vs risk = 1 : 8
                              Won : 112 | Lost : 3 | total : 115 trades
                              Pips gained : 560 | Pips lost : 120 | total : 440 pips
                              Win ratio = 97,4%

                              __________________________________________________ ____________

                              TP = 5 pips | SL = 50 pips

                              Reward vs risk = 1 : 10
                              Won : 112 | Lost : 3 | total : 115 trades
                              Pips gained : 560 | Pips lost : 150 | total : 410 pips
                              Win ratio = 97,4%

                              __________________________________________________ ____________

                              SL = 10 pips | TP = 30 pips
                              This trade management is also produce a little profit (around 150 pips would be generated till now) but the problem with this management is that i have to find reversals in the market which usually is not my main goal and it is also hard to predict the real reversal. This would also mean much less trades if i would want to pick just the extremes... Psychologically this trade management does not fit to my trading style and to investors aswell probably... Ofcourse risk reward 1 : 3 with 50% win ratio is perfect scenario but anyway...I am here to get few pips per trade and thats it...I tested few other trade managements and i must say that almost all provide little profit or break even but not enough to mention them.

                              __________________________________________________ ____________

                              I personally would pick TP = 5 pips |SL = 40 pips, but with SL = 30 pips recovery after losing trade would be 2 trades less which is ok...I also noticed during the tests that price came near 36 pips in minus two times and then reversed which might danger this SL = 40 pips management in future. But SL = 50 pips is allowing me a lot of room, but recovery is 10 trades which is not so good aswell. So probably SL = 20, SL = 30 pips or SL 40 pips would fit the best . I would really like to hear your opinion from investors point of view.
                              Ofcourse i will have to test this management before applying it. With fixed SL and TP i am also sure i would make more trades.

                              Let me know what do you think

                              Best Regards
                              FX Protector
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