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    Originally posted by donnhan169 View Post
    Hi sanriopurin

    PIG is running different DD logic than any other grid ea, that's why you see it's still making good profit althought the market has been moving crazily (very trending )since Jan 2015 and it's running using each currency basket. The set is running on master account for 1000 of each currency.

    Now u can imaging the worst case, if all 10 currencies hit 100% DD at same time, that mean the account become 0. For such system that happen like this, you wont have a chance to see Pig is offered as signal here today

    The best due diligence to find out by not to listen to any body or even any promise from the traders. But to look myfxbook stats with all historical trades and open charts on mt4 platform for currencies it's trading to investigate.

    For example: you can look at some Big movement without major replacement and compare myfxbook stats ( DD, etc..). There are many Big movement in this year without major reversal replacement. There are many like that, but I just name some below

    -In Feb2015-Mar2015: GBPUSD moved from 1.55 to 1.47
    -In July2015-, AUDNZD moved from 1.13 to 1.09
    -In July2015-, GBPCAD moved from 1.94 to 2.04

    Do your own due diligence. Hope this helps. Cheers

    I'm so glad I got out at 10% drawdown!!! Right after he said this I almost put more money in my account.


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      quite a bad day to trade any financial market....


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        Signal removed by owner. I guess this shows us what that's all about Make sure you cancel your paypal payments so you don't send money for nothing...... What a joke. don't offer any refund for your F- UP don. You should have limited the trades. instead Killing us all when you removed the signal. unless I'm wrong about that cause my trades were killed when you removed the account.


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          Originally posted by EricB View Post
          unless I'm wrong about that cause my trades were killed when you removed the account.
          Not that I'm defending the signal owner but:

          NO, the account died before signal was removed. I remember seeing the stats in Simpletrader. Equity was wiped down to 5% of original value. Margin call, most likely...

          This is why I asked/pressed for those answers before. I've been following signals for awhile now, and when trader says "A is my DD policy" then proceeds to do "B" in reality, take/cut your losses and run... Problem is, trader didn't even answer my questions fully... I got lucky I suppose


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            I almost saved my account. I did open a Hedge of 3 Lots when everything spiked up so I had a 100 pip winning trade with 3 lots, I managed to get a 3000 euro trade out of it. But my dam trades closed becouse of PIG's account margin call so my damm trades also closed. That was so ****et up. Becouse I would have still be in the game now.

            Next time I will disable the trades becouse I did not see this comming.


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              @Tripzor : bad story wow. You had good manuals!!!

              To answer to your post : Or you can also cut it once it reaches max ever DD or max ever planned DD. This is risk management!


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                Anyone heard from him? I keep emailing him at least to refund subscription fees but no response....


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                  I also no respons


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                    Don should add fraudster to his bio. Subscribed to his signal for about a week and he blew his account and refused to give a refund for the rest of the month. If a provider destroys his account and stops the signal shouldn't we be entitled to a refund for the remainder of the month?


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                      i would agree with that, i spoke with Simple trader about this and they said contact paypal they will return your money, but they said its my fault as its a sub. Lesson learnt. I'm sure that Trading social club is also there signal.

                      Is trading Social there signal?

                      Any one now