Hi All,

I have over 2 yrs experience, only went full time trading in last 7 months where I decided to deposit a large enough deposit after being satisfied of having enough knowledge and success.

In 7 months +19% ROI.

Personal Task - post end of trading day results
(side note, used to blog about poker results daily, which keeps me going)

Aim of Thread - something for me to do

My trading strategy and little about me:
1. Manual trader.
2. Adaptive to market conditions. Can be in a trade for seconds or days.
3. I average about 250 pips a week pretty consistently for a while. However do not have a specific target in mind (all about making the correct trades).
4. Very risk averse
5. Aware of personal psychological state I am in at any one time
6. I use Dukascopy for trading which is why not myfxbook link (lets face it duka has the best spreads)
7. Based in London

So to kick it off...

Today's trades:

Work finished by 9 am.

GBP/JPY +67.6 pips

USD/JPY + 15.4 pips

= 83 pips

2015-07-13 08_51_15-GBP_JPY, 15 Minutes.png

2015-07-13 08_50_08-USD_JPY, 10 Minutes.png

~Happy Trading~