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  • Rsh I hope you get your trading focus back soon . I understand the frustration , no body has to trade with such rude sub pressure .
    I sugest though you don't payback same way and stay respectfull and calm . If you read all of forum then you see that also support was given to you by your subs . anyway good luck Im staying connected and according to history recovery will be quick))


    • Originally posted by fxsuccess View Post
      This is my biggest mistake,,, that I added signal here. Seems I killed people,, by making some loss. Seems I have to stop trading and participate here and there to get recognition that I am good trader and I will not face margin call.

      Hey f**g stupid people,, Did you saw my first post where I mention my trading details, style, draw down, risk warning and other staff. They why you guys disturb me again and again. AM I GOD? You didn't face loss before?
      I 100% believe here maximum people big loser. If not then there should have minimum common sense that a trader sometime may face loss its a trading,, not like kissing GF.

      I just shocked here to see the conversation in simple trader wall. I thought this community is full of mature people who understand risk also reward but I am fully wrong. One people "Nicholas" mention that I am scammer and owner of several HYIP site. Just shame on you stupid. Its 100% FAKE ID... I am showing you how some people just trying to spoil my trading psychology. Here I am mentioning some common complain:

      1. Why I am not opening trade everyday?
      Check screenshot:

      2. I am very greedy so that I don't trade and stop trading just for getting subscription fees?
      Check Screenshot:
      3. I am added FAKE account in myfxbook, my all trading account fake, statistics fake, and so many?
      4. I am big scammer, owner of HYIP site?
      Check Screenshot:
      5. Why I invest new fund (400 USD),, its actually rebates not invest. My actual investment was 1000 USD.

      I am really sorry but this kind of place not for me. But I also don't want to leave here just like coward. I will be here...

      # Some people already cancel signal subscription and I really happy that don't want them back. I increase my signal price and it will increase more. I no need subscriber,, as 1 or 2 is much more better than dozens of nonsense Forex FOOL.
      # I don't have assistant so its not possible to solve all your inquiry and question. I mentioned all details in first post so check all issues with your own responsibility.
      # If you guys get mad just after getting 13% loss then please stop subscription. I don't need such kind of subscriber.
      # My all trade was perfect I just lost my trading psychology.
      # Now I don't have any intention for subscriber,,,if I loss then you have to loss. If you only want to gain then please leave this.

      If my any word heart you,, then I am sorry. My trading is important for me I don't want to loss my hard earn trading strategy, psychology and confidence. If I get any more issue here,, I just leave this place.

      Fxsuccess like I've said ignore the haters. I've subscribed for 3 months and would hate to see your signal disappear.

      Current losses are no problem as they're expected per your first post.


      • Well, I hope I am not considered as a 'hater" or "rude" when all I asked for is explanation for particular trades.
        Guess I am used to that from other traders, that is why i am asking for it here

        On a side note, I am very grateful that we are not stuck in any trades today, good decision for sure

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        • FX success,

          There are a lot of people on the site that have no idea what trading is and how its done. There living in a world where they feel they are the best traders and now how to trade and always have 100% winning trades, but still find the need to sign up to a service to make money...... stupid.

          Winning and losing is part of trading, i understand your anger with the subs, and its easy to remember the negative commons on the sites ,as the forums are usual full of people that want to vent there anger and lack of understanding. The positive subs don't post enough. people onlys take the time to complain but never to write something positive.

          Trading is risky and you could win or lose, ad your style of trading is riskier given the returns so DD are going happen, people need to understand this.

          I hope you continue on the site, and interacting on the forum, i feel you have been very fair to the subs but have ended u with a few idiots along the way that are not helping you or the team.

          Keep it up and chin up


          • Just a quick thought people,if any one agrees with my statement please feel free to add your comments


            • I'm on the support the trader side and haven't closed out in DD . But with that said I hope that Rsh can deal with the retail aspect of this game and continue his trading successfully .


              • keep doing what you do fxsuccess,

                i happy to be along for the ride win or loose, do not let negativity get you down,

                in for the long haul, lets see where we go!

                Good luck


                • Keep up the great work fxsuccess! Looking forward to your continued trading.

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                  • Rsh...I would suggest that you not even read the forum. Either your signal is OK for a person or it is not. I don't think you need to explain your trades. Just focus on trading. You have not guaranteed anyone anything. You have been upfront with potential loss and risk. Many people should not be in forex. As most should know, it is extremely high risk. And one should only be trading with money they can afford to lose. So just trade Rsh. Try to ignore the comments. And if people feel a signal does not perform as they had hoped, then they will unsubscribe. So concentrate on trading Rsh.


                    • Totally agree with you Gunther i joined the thread last monday and really enjoyed fxsucess input towards trading and his style hope he returns .


                      • Fxsuccess , what are these rebates you mentioned you get from trading . If you don't mind me asking of course .


                        • Originally posted by yabanda View Post
                          Fxsuccess , what are these rebates you mentioned you get from trading . If you don't mind me asking of course .
                          Just add me in skype: I will try to help you during weekend.


                          • Is your skype id the same Fxsucess.


                            • INTERESTING WEEK:

                              Full of depression, bad comment, blame etc but got something new that I am trying to learn in every step. Now on the way to recover.. hopefully we will recover soon. Signal currently not available for new subscription. May be will be available again,, if god want.

                              Some people really good and they message me and motivate me. I am really thankful to them. I always expect good cooperation from you.

                              Just want to say: Keep faith & confidence

                              May be I am not a good trader,,, but not fake. LOL ( latest complain I am fake)

                              View the profile of Forex Trader copytrades - forex trading systems, strategies and forum posts.

                              HAVE A NICE WEEKEND.


                              • Cheers mate have a nice weekend.