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    Hi guys,

    My name is Sam and I am the trader behind TitanTrader at
    I start this thread for you guys to discuss/quastion our trading system and other stuffs that you would like to discuss with me or other members here at

    Bio: My name is Sam and I am 30 years old, I have a engineering background in physics with spec. in energy.
    I began to learn forex and started to trade for about 8 years ago and have been profitable in the last 4 years, I have managed private accounts in the last 2-3 years. Today is forex my nr 1 income source.

    Link :

    Best regards,


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      Here is backtests for all who is interested in backtest results. The tests is performed with 99% tick data with birt tick data suite and with variable spreads and 8$ in commission.

      Bear in mind that I use half of the risk on all pairs and one other thing, backtests like this is not a guarantee that it will perform the same in live markets.

      1. first picture is EURCAD
      2. EURSGD
      3. GBPAUD
      4. GBPCHF
      5. EURGBP
      6. AUDCAD
      7. GBPUSD
      8. USDCAD
      9. USDJPY
      10. EURUSD TREND, my experience and past performance with this pair is that it has given better results when I intervene 30% of the time.
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        Hi folks I hope you are doing well and enjoying the green pips produced by TitanTrader.

        Equity curve is back on track and moving upward again!



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          Hi guys,

          Weekly update: We had 30 trades this week, 2.5% gain, +160 pips and <1% DD. We have some open positions over the weekend as well.




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            Hi friends,

            Weekly updates: This week was slow for us, we had 49 trades and down -2,5%. We have had difficulties to predict and trade Eurusd pair lately but trust and discipline is the key to success guys. Sooner or later the trade will go our way and we will win big, the month as a whole we are at breakeven.

            Have a nice weekend!



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              Hi folks,

              Some weekly updates: This week was very slow but we gained more than 1% profit and that is not bad. We had 28 trades, 1.4% profit and less than 1% DD!

              And to my faithful followers I want to say, Thank You! For the trust and faith in us and our system, and have a nice weekend!

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                Good luck mate, looking good so far.


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                  Originally posted by Waleed121 View Post
                  Good luck mate, looking good so far.
                  Thank you Waleed, we are keeping up!



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                    November has ended, we had 170 trades, we made +2% in profit and 3% DD! November month was okey for us but december will be better!

                    I hope you enjoy the profits made from TitanTrader followers and I hope you make some $$. If you stick with me and have discipline you will be happy. We have made profit every single month til now without any hokus pokus magic martingale, grid or any other magic money management style, we use a strict money management and lot size calculation in every trade.


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                      I hope you make some decent $$ from my signals, I surely do =).

                      We had some subscribers who unsubrcribed just before the good profits made from TitanTrader and AtlasFund.

                      I want to say thank you for those who have faith in us and our system and have good discipline when following a trader! Thank You!

                      We reached more than 100% in both accounts!

                      100 procent.jpg


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                        Hello dear followers,

                        Some updates and information: I have decided to delete EURCAD and EURGP pairs from my trading portfolio. I know that we had good and positive returns from the two pairs but I have come to conclusion that the pairs is better of for now.

                        I hope you enjoyed your christmas holiday.

                        We have new years eve in a couple of days, lets just enjoy the days left of 2015 and look forward to 2016 an exciting new year!



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                          Monthly updates Titantrader:

                          Trades: 166
                          Profitability: 57%
                          PF: 1.1
                          Gain: 1%
                          DD: 5%

                          Februari next! Lets make some green pips together!



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                            Would u quote us about ur max dd rules pls ..

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                              Originally posted by Sherif View Post
                              Would u quote us about ur max dd rules pls ..

                              Sent from my SM-G900H using Tapatalk
                              Hello Sherif,

                              Max DD is set to ~11% and if a worst case scenario event happen I have close all trades if 15% is hit.

                              So max DD 11% and worst case is 15%.

                              With worst case I mean if market goes crazy, if we have an event like 9-11 or other unpredictible crisis happen.

                              Best regards,