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  • New consistent profitable system with low dd - SOLIDFX

    Hi all here at forexsignals,

    I would like to introduce myself and myself to this wonderful community.

    After 6 years of trading I have finally came out with a system which is consistent and delivers pips while keeping a low DD.

    Initially I demoed the system for few months and then moved over to live account. Demo link here:

    Have been trading this system live from last of July. Results attached below:

    So you can see this system being traded from March so in total about 8 months with very consistent return.

    The system was developed with two concepts. It has to deliver consistent pips while keeping a low DD.

    Trade ideas are developed based on the fundamentals. Key technical levels are also marked on the charts.

    The system makes a combination of short term and long term trades. If a short term scalp opportunity arises it will usually take it while waiting for market to reach level for longer term trades.

    All trades are managed from open to close. Multiple position are added to reduce risk as well as to improve returns.

    The system only uses stop loss on short term scalp trades which is usually 25% of ADR. On the longer swing trades a stop loss is not used. Instead a hedge order is place manually after the trade move a pre -determined percentage.

    As the system use very low leverage DD is kept very low. Maximum draw down can be 12% on an event similar to that of the Swiss Franc incident.

    Recommended starting balance is $3,000. You can use 2X times and then your DD will be max around 24%. While the expected return on average is 3% a month and 6% for 2X risk .

    Please don't use more than 3X risk.

    I hope you will observe my trading and feel free to ask any question you may have.

    The system will be available to all from 1st of November.
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    However please check the myfxbook link, it's broken


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      There was a signal about two years ago with the same name that failed.


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        can you please confirm if this system is traded manually or using an ea?

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          Originally posted by Blob View Post

          However please check the myfxbook link, it's broken

          Hi Blob. Myfxbook link is fixed now. Thanks for your input.


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            Originally posted by ColdHypno View Post
            There was a signal about two years ago with the same name that failed.
            Hi there. I have no idea if someone used this name before. I just though this sounds cool. Talk about coincidence.


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              Originally posted by Okda View Post
              can you please confirm if this system is traded manually or using an ea?

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              Hi Okda,

              This is traded manually. I manage every position manually from entry to exit.


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                Originally posted by fxnafis View Post
                Hi Blob. Myfxbook link is fixed now. Thanks for your input.
                The link is still wrong, it links to a signal called "Gauranteed profit" with no activity since august.


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                  Hi Blob,

                  The link I provided was for the demo I did using the same system. It was just to show that the system has been tested first before going live at a reduced risk level. Sorry for the confusion.


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                    End of another week of trading. Return of 1.25% for the week. Going flat for the weekend to ensure fund safety. Hope you all had a very good week!


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                      Hi all I am back with some updates.

                      First of all I will walk you through some key events that took place this week. Please subscribe to this thread if you find this information useful. Thanks.

                      Chinese Fundamental Updates:
                      PBoC lower 1 year lending rate by 25bps from 4.60% to 4.35%, 1 year deposit rate by 25bps from 1.75% to 1.5% and RRR by 50bps from 18.0% to 17.5% with an additional 50bps cut for qualifying institutions, PBoC also remove banks' deposit rate ceiling
                      China September New Home Prices fell 0.9% Y/Y vs. Prev. 2.3% decline in August
                      PBoC economist states that the rate and RRR cuts are a reflection of the current economic outlook in China

                      European Fundamental Updates
                      The quarterly Survey of Professional Forecasters now sees inflation in the currency bloc at only 0.1% this year, a cut of 0.1 percentage point versus the previous forecast round in July. next year, inflation is expected only to be at 1.0% versus 1.3% seen in July
                      ECB President Draghi’s press conference has been interpreted as very dovish, with the key points being that the central bank is set to discuss whether additional action is needed in Dec and that they are ready to expand the QE
                      ECB’s Draghi stating that downside remains in inflation and GDP; that a lowering of the deposit rate was discussed and that some members wanted to take action today.

                      ECB President Draghi states that they talked about a deposit rate cut and that the recent appreciation of the EUR poses a downside risk to inflation ECB President Draghi stated that the central bank had an in-depth talk regarding instruments, and that no individual choice of instrument was made while they have committees to work in tools ECB President Draghi says effective structural policies are needed

                      USA Fundamental Updates

                      Barclays lower their US GDP 2015 tracker to 2.4% from 2.6%
                      US Manufacturing PMI (Oct P) M/M 54.0 vs. Exp. 52.7 (Prev. 53.1); highest since May

                      Japanese Fundamental Updates

                      Japan PM adviser Honda says there is no need for additional easing by the BoJ at this stage

                      Australian Fundamental Updates

                      Westpac and Commonwealth bank have done similar action where both increased rates which is seen to increase pressure for the RBA to cut rates. The CBA — Australia's biggest home lender — announced late yesterday that it was jacking up interest rates on its home loans by 0.15 percentage points, including loans for owner occupier

                      ​Main Risk event for the upcoming week:

                      All eyes will be at the FOMC meeting next week and the Federal Fund Rate decision. With all the latest economic updates we reciced last week its very unlikely FED will make a move next week. This is my opinion I could be wrong but the data seems to point to that there will be no change in Fed's stance next week.

                      If you guys find these kind of post useful I will be more than happy to provide it at the start of each week. If not then I will not do so.


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                        Hi all,

                        I am pleased to inform that SOLIDFX has been listed on the market place. Please add us to your watch list and see if you like the way we roll.


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                          Hi guys some updates of the market today. Looks like its gonna be a busy day today

                          Aussie DollarKiwi Dollar

                          Many economists say they are expecting New Zealand's central bank to remain on hold Thursday, but recognize there is a chance they might cut the benchmark rate further. Market pricing points to a 16% chance of a rate cut.

                          US Dollar

                          The Fed decision is due today. Don't think they will change their rate decision. Eyeing to short USD/JPY post risk event.

                          Happy trading hope we all make some good pips today


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                            Hi good peeps of Forexsignals,

                            Just completed trading for the month of October. The account is up by 5% for the month.

                            My aim is to deliver a positive return end of each month while keeping draw-down under 10%

                            Those who are interested please subscribe to the free trial. See if you like my style of trading.


                            Let's all make some money together
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                              We have NFP coming up next week and be sure for some fireworks. After taking a nosedive the Euro recovered some grounds against the greenback during the week. I believe NFP might move the market and boost the greenback against the euro. Also after the Fed hinted they might increase the interest rate in December another pair to watch is the Greenback against the yen. Also another pair to trade would be the Aussie. If RBA indeed cuts interest rate or hints at cutting the interest rate buying greenback against the Aussie is another trade I am looking into. Charts attached below:


                              May the Forex God be kind to you and happy pipping!!!!

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