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    Last edited by Steve; 02-23-2017, 06:01 AM.

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    Why cant i see lot size ?

    between welcome too forum


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      aa cool thank you very much, it looks really good i will follow your growing for now


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        Originally posted by SPM Capital Management View Post
        Hello people

        My name is Steve and I'm based in the UK. I love studying & reading about economics & I love trading Forex.

        I would like to introduce my SPM Capital Management signal which is currently available with a one week free trial on the SimpleTrader Network.

        My objective is to achieve a 60% return or greater to my subscribers over a 12 month period. Rinse and repeat year on year.

        You can find me here:

        The myfxbook reference signal account can be found here:

        SPM displays my live trading account for the last 14 months. I have over 5 years of trading experience in the fx market. I'm a manual discretionary trader who trades pullbacks to support and resistance levels in the direction of the fundamental bias. This gives me a top level view of each currency, not just blindly trading long and short.

        I offer a fundamental discretionary approach to the market forming a bias from a global macro-economic perspective & central bank interest rate diferentials, thus generating its concept for the market sentiment.

        I combine this approach with sophisticated technical analysis tools allows me to capitalize on currency moves.

        I principally trades the FX major currency pairs, I trade intraday around volatile market hours, namely the London and New York trading sessions.

        Trades are entered on a buy or sell limit manner, and I employ a strict money management strategy to mitigate risks across the basket of trades at any time.

        Capital preservation is of utmost importance to me and I'm centred around this principle. Therefore, total risk for combined open trades will not exceed 1 mini lot open per 1000 of equity.

        Maximum drawdown will not exceed 15%. Please note that the Maximum % Drawdown Allowed for this system is set at 15% within SimpleTrader.

        Additional information available in the SPM Capital Management Signal FAQ on SimpleTrader Network. Any questions, drop me a note.

        Best Regards.

        Good results so far .. but never heard of ur broker ... this quiet a question mark to me ...

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          It's strange that there hasn't been more interest in this signal. A year of history is certainly a good sign. The trading has been going well. I've been a subscriber since April. Attached is a screen print of my myfxbook page. I have SPM on approximately x2 (different currency).
          So it shows monthly: 5.4%, DD 31.34%.

          One aspect I can't comment on is a change of trading over the last 2 days. Perhaps the trader or anyone else on this board can comment on this. For what it's worth, making a myfxbook 'custom analysis' up to the change shows monthly: 4.67%, DD 31.34%.
          It's good to see one year of history, but one downside is the size of the account – pity it's not bigger.
          I'm pleased with this, and plan to stay with SPM.

          N.B. This is an account that was decimated by Dayfox, hit hard by Killimanjaro; but since then, the combination of Smart, then Smart2, and SPM has produced some excellent results. So with these these figures, I have to assume that the myfxbook 'include' and 'exclude' function works accurately. Incidentally, this myfxbook 'custom anaylsis' shows a huge amount of open profit at the end of the chart: that's not the case – unfortunately! - this must be some sort of myfxbook quirk, but everything else looks about right.

          An account with SPM and Smart2 can result in a bumpy ride at times, but is producing some great results (again, assuming myfxbook has calculated it correctly): monthly: 8.17%, DD 50.85%.


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            could you please explain why all those multiple position open on audnzd and gbpnzd?
            It seems to me like a change of strategy. Before following I had a look at your historic trades and I never found so many trades altogether on a single cross, and this was the main reason I decided to follow you, but if now you have changed strategy, please let me know right away, as I will stop following you.



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              Thanks Steve for that. Just in a process of allocating some capital around, you been on my radar too ...

              I see that audnzd resistance around 0950ish too ... should cap here ... fingers crossed.


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                Hi Steve,

                You're confident but it keeps going elsewhere. Will you close the positions at a certain point or will let the account get drained? Honestly I'm just a step away to close everything. I don't understand why many traders cannot control themselves when a trade goes in the wrong direction. I cannot stand it, I try to manage my risk, but when a trader changes so much its tactic, it completely vanish any effort that the follower has planned. It's really not cool. Please, manage your risk.



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                  Hi Steve,

                  I'm not over leveraged, fix lot at 0,01 (I always start at the minimum at the beginning), although I don't know 2 very important elements about your trading: will you open new positions? Will you stop loss it at a certain point? These are questions that you only can answer because, only thing I knew before, is that you never opened more then 2-3 positions per cross.



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                    Thanks Steve. Well done. Keep it up.

                    Bit of a shake up for the dollar after those Minutes... not questioning the trend just wouldnt rule out bit of a further squeeze ... 5350-5370 for cable still possible.. lets see ...


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                      Well done on doubling your account in just over one year! Monthly: 5.83%, DD 14.53%.

                      Hope to be back next year with the same message (no pressure!)


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                        well done, Steve! planning to allocate some capital into you next week...

                        have a nice weekend.

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                          When you will put more money on your acc?


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                            Originally posted by SPM Capital Management
                            I plan to put 20,000 ($30,000) in Febraury 2016.


                            Hello Steve/SPM,
                            That's a really good development.
                            I assume that your account is based on x1 risk. So an even better development would be to open several accounts – at x1, x2, x3 etc. This is assuming the information you have on the 'signal FAQ' page is up to date. Certainly a x2 account would be good to see. Have you any plans for this?


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                              Certainly some great results in November (another day to go, don't forget!). October was pretty impressive as well.

                              I subscribed 9 April. I now use x2 risk, though started x1 gradually moving up. So far I'm up 137.51%, myfxbook showing monthly 6.5%, DD 31.34%.

                              (I have SPM on the same account as Smart2, so with the usual proviso: assuming that the myfxbook 'include' function works accurately.)