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Blackwave Pacific - MAM - Strategy Description & Stats

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  • Blackwave Pacific - MAM - Strategy Description & Stats

    Hi there,

    Blackwave Pacific sprang out of the very successful Blackwave Australia account. Blackwave Australia has now gotten so popular (and so quickly) that it has spawned Blackwave Pacific, a Managed Forex Account which is medium risk as a copy account and usefully is FIFO compliant with NO hedging and therefore perfect for all clients INCLUDING U.S CLIENTS.

    Below $20K it is a copy account and above $20K it is a managed forex account but it trades the same either way.

    The testing here was good and Blackwave Australia proved the concept. Pacific can trade AUDUSD and/or another Asian pair in only one direction at any one time on a smart grid system.

    It also works well with an FXCM account or most other platforms. Actually I found that it works very well with the 1:500 leveraged IC Markets . I highly recommend using an IC Markets Mt4 and the master account is itself an IC Markets account.

    More specific details about the strategy plus the live myfxbook stats are here

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    VIDEO: Overview of Novembers 7% return HERE


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      VIDEO: Latest Performance Update http://www.fxlight.co/we-choose-to-g...rmance-update/. Have a good week.



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        VIDEO: Latest Performance Update. http://www.fxlight.co/we-choose-to-g...rmance-update/


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          VIDEO: End Of Year Evaluation http://www.fxlight.co/we-choose-to-g...rmance-update/youtube.png


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            Managed Account Performance Update http://www.fxlight.co/we-choose-to-g...rmance-update/video-logo.jpg


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              For a bit of fun (and promotion) the closest number to the NFP report gets connection to Blackwave Pacific FOR FREE for 3 months. Get your reply in before 08.30 EST.



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                VIDEO: Managed Forex Account Performance Update http://www.fxlight.co/we-choose-to-g...rmance-update/

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                  VIDEO: Managed Account Performance Update


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                    Gents, As a commodity currency pair AUDUSD has obviously declined quite seriously in recent weeks and we have made over 90% since August 2015 (20% this month alone) selling it SHORT.

                    I feel we are close to a medium term bottom and I will now switch to LONG ONLY AUDUSD FIFO compliant. - Gary


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                      VIDEO: Managed Account Performance Update. Click http://www.fxlight.co/we-choose-to-g...rmance-update/. 26.74% higher for the month so far.

                      The expected rally in commodities worked well and we basically timed getting out of the short AUDUSD trades and into the long AUDUSD trades perfectly. Life is not always like that!


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                        VIDEO: Managed Forex Account Performance Update http://www.fxlight.co/we-choose-to-g...rmance-update/

                        The NZDJPY rally seems to have run into more offers and may be beginning to resume it's longer term down trend. An increase in risk aversion just may help this trade further if the Yen is to strengthen.moving rain.jpg


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                          VIDEO: http://www.fxlight.co/we-choose-to-g...rmance-update/

                          Pacific is fast becoming my favourite child. Up 11.05% so far this month and we finished last week with our equity position higher than our cash. This signal is fast attracting some big sized managed forex accounts as a result. We have some JPY and AUD news on the docket for the coming week.



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                            VIDEO: Current DD under 3% and still content with the medium risk nature of this account.


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                              VIDEO: Managed Forex Account Performance Update.

                              Pretty decent start to March. NZDJPY may be looking to carve out another lower top while the US Dollar approaches an interesting technical area.

                              moving rain.jpg