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    Originally posted by pearcey2 View Post
    Similar results for me

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    I got similar results as well.

    There's been a long discussion on the 'dashboard.' The trader seems to have done quite a lot to improve the situation: I got the answer of simpletrader, that different EA on the same account can have conflicts. They told me that this issue will be fixed, if I set up a own MT4 instance only for the Simpletrader EA. Well I set up even a sepeate VPS now only for this MT4 instance and for this EA.

    So far tonight, I've noticed my results are very close to the trader's. So it's looking good.

    This EA is certainly looking popuar one of the other traders 'GMK Trading' has added it to his/her trading!

    My experiences with EAs are mixed. So many of them fall apart over time. I hope someone here with the necessary skills can do some 'stress testing' on this EA to see how robust it is.


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      10% drop. ouch.

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        Originally posted by ales View Post
        10% drop. ouch.

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        They cant be always wins :P


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          You are a little greedy,you want 69 eur for copying mfm ea.Different is just that you do not close at 5 am my time like mfm does.Will switch back to ea


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            Originally posted by Fxtsunami View Post
            You are a little greedy,you want 69 eur for copying mfm ea.Different is just that you do not close at 5 am my time like mfm does.Will switch back to ea
            As I can see the signal has much better results.


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              True,before was 49 eur.This ok,but 69 eur for copying ea too much


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                My Account Darwinex connected simpletrader did not make the trade GBPCAD (initiated 19 january 2016 hours 22,02). Has anyone else had the same problem?


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                  I will post my news update here too.
                  If you have any problems&questions, please write me a email (or a message on simpletrader) because I don't look into this forum often.

                  Here is my lastest news:

                  Hey friends,

                  I decided to lower the risk of my signal by 10% starting from 01.02.2016
                  I already make more than expected gain per month. My current aim is to make 15-30% per month and to keep the risk as low as possible. This is my first step and maybe not the last.

                  If you want to keep my current risk, you need to higher your risk settings by 10% at the next weekend.

                  I hope you all enjoy your gains and stay with me.



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                    Congratz on you're results this month. You did very nice.


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                      Hey friends,

                      another week and month ended in profit. This month was the most profitable one.
                      Here are my stats for this week:

                      (Darwinex / IC Markets / Pepperstone)

                      Weekly gain: 10,18% / 7,7% / 8,94%
                      Monthly gain: 51,71%
                      Highest DD this week: less than 12%
                      Pip's this week: 180,3 / 122,7 / 148,2
                      Positions won this week: 32 of 41 / 28 of 39 / 26 of 34

                      You can find these stats at my myfxbook-page.
                      The biggest difference between the 3 brokers are all based on the issue, that pepperstone and IC Markets closing the market before and after 0:00 for some minutes. Darwinex don't do that.

                      So what are my next steps?
                      I already wrote that I will reduce my risk by 10%. This will happen starting from today.

                      My next step is to test the broker FX PIG.
                      I opened a DMA and ECN account there and I will test the slippage using my signal.
                      They don't close the market during midnight like IC Market or Pepperstone do.
                      I will post the results next week.
                      And I try to find the best broker for US Clients currently.

                      What else?
                      I'm still at my backtests and on the forward tests of my new settings. I think I will put the changes for 2-3 pairs on this signal in 2-3 weeks.

                      Another step will be a PAMM account at IC Markets. If anyone is interested, just write me a email. I will write you as soon as it opens.

                      I think that's all.
                      I wish everyone a great trading week.



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                        @Tripzor: Thank you very much!


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                          You should increase fee too,ea made last thursday 26% on jpy


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                            Such wins are impossible with this EA.
                            There are only 2 reasons you can get this: Your configuration is wrong or you use another EA.


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                              Such wins are possible.Ea today closed all in loss,you are still hoping to recover.This is your strategie,wait and hope

                              When i read about mam,about settings about strategie..... i had to write this post.Here are some real signal providers fighting with market,but dreaming about mam......
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                                ouch. 25% down ... whats going on?

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