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The art of the comeback - Round 2

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  • The art of the comeback - Round 2

    Happy New Year everybody.

    For those that were observing my performance last year my account took a 30% hit as my 5k account was down by around 1500 by end December 2015.

    Lessons have been learnt
    Changed have been made

    I have developed another indicator to provide further confirmation that a setup is valid. Having tested this indicator on 2015 trades it filters out a lot of the losing trades I took then. What this means is that I will be taking fewer trades but these trades will have a higher probability. This is not to say that there will be no drawdowns or every trade will be a winner. However after thorough back testing I have concluded that the addition of this indicator to the ones I currently use had increased the strike rate in the 40%-50% range for Reward:Risk 3:1

    So round 2 commences and here is the link to myfxbook. Will be starting out with 5k trading capital. Have deposited 2k and another 3k will be deposited in the next 72hours.
    Risk per trade will be 1%.
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