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  • Blitzkrieg Signal


    Apologies if there was another thread, however i could not find one.

    Anyone with this particular signal?

    Can anyone comment on it?


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    I am on for 14 days(from beggining) and must say like it very much.Good mm and no stess with nice profit.I spoke with him on skype and seems that he knows what he is doing.Atm 5 stars from me.Will see....


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      Fxtsunami, thanks for your opinion, anyone else with this signal provider?


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        Only been on since Friday, got it running on 0.01 at the moment, like the trades,

        One thing I noticed after signing up though is multiple deposits on days the account hit 20% DD which worries me a bit that the signal owner is pumping the account with fresh money when in debt.

        Still will be sticking it out for now

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          Hi all,

          my name is Jan, a trader behind the Blitzkrieg (BZ) signal. I know t's a little bit unusual to be open in the FX world, but please let me explain a particular history event of the Blitzkrieg briefly.

          I've started to run the BZ with ExcelMarkets broker:

          Unfortunately, ExcelMarkets died due to Swiss storm so I switched to a new broker - Darwinex. But then there was an issue with deposit ($5000 max. over a debit card limit) but my strategy was originally planned for a higher equity.

          Together with an excellent Darwinex support we had to find quick solution and finally we managed. That's why there is the weird peak in a deposit-withdraw history in the beginning that some of you may have noticed.

          I can't deny I made other trade mistakes in the past. But I intend to learn from my failures.

          Please give me a PM or Skype (jan.kafka.nextup) to discuss about any concerns or questions you might have.


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            Inetersting. Subscripbed to the thread and put it to my evaluation list.

            Hi Jan,
            Could you please tell us some more about your trading style, particular rules, and about your other systems that run now or maybe you have before here at Simpletrader or at other autotrading platforms.

            Best of luck in you trading!


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              Hi Jan, I have send you a PM with questions. Can I follow your trades with 1:100 leverage? nc!


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                Originally posted by nc! View Post
                Hi Jan, I have send you a PM with questions. Can I follow your trades with 1:100 leverage? nc!
                Hi, I did via email. You PM is blocked. Yes you can 1:100 is fine.


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                  I just saw the email, my PM is on ? Do not know what happened blocked? thanks nc!


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                    I sub to the signal, lets see good luck to us. nc!


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                      Any updates about this signal?


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                        I am following few weeks now, looks good up to now, many orders open, crosses, majors, good MM. This account does not have other signals. Risk 1. Later I may increase risk. Max ?. Any suggestions? nc!


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                          Showing as no longer available for purchase?


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                            Yep what does it mean? Admin is this official? Is there something wrong? nc!


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                              Great trading. ...not.
                              Looks like another new dodgy signal provider.