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  • Wave Trading and .

    For smaller accounts, given the expected low DD level and transparent risk allocated into each trade, we suggest using your risk multiplier accordingly.

    In any doubt, please contact me here at forum or on

    Thank you,


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    Hmm...bad spell at the beginning :-(


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      A classic pattern when joining SimpleTrader probably as Ive noticed...

      But staying consistent in the strategy is rewarded in the longer run.

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        It has been incredibily quiet few weeks on the markets where most of the currency pairs remained in tight ranges. Trend followers had to remain very cautios and patient to say the least.

        The only exception in the current grey boredom seems the bearish theme for AUD crosses. And currently we are closely watching the growing developments on the Dollar index which is flirting with important resistence where a break of it could open the doors for a sustainable (and playable) move further up. Similar (in the opposite guard obviously) is noted on the S&P index. Tonights FOMC minutes could give us some more clues and hopefully momentum.

        Stay tuned.



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          In turbulent times that we have just entered again is strict risk management essential.We continue in our step by step business as usual.


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            We are riding the fresh dollar bearish wave at the moment as the bets for June/July rate hike are changing. Squared up the short USDCAD for the moment as we are approching quite an interesting support area of 1.2800-1.2830 but looking to re-establish on any rally. Keeping long EURUSD for test of 1.1500-1600 in upcoming days.

            Staying focused and flexible.
            Step by step business.


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              Patience is a virtue. We have avoided wearing any risk into the Brexit gamble and waited for the actual outcome to react accordingly which has resulted into a pleasant reward.

              We do believe its just a start of a bigger theme and looking for good risk rewarding levels to entertain the dollar strenght/euro troubles/global risk off appetite.


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                We are managing our way through the post-brexit waves...

                On top of that we are offering our services to wider spectrum of investors looking for a stable income with no major hickups by lowering subscription fee down to 30 usd a month.


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                  We have closed our short dollar exposure and looking to re-enter after the weekend when the NFP dust settles.

                  Its been a good ride recently. Step by step business...

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                    Step by step business continues. As we are little bit concerned with the overstretched situation on US equities we decided to book profits. Newly we are seeing some short term opprotunity on US Dollar crosses - namely EURUSD has broken below 1.1820 pivotal level which can open the gates for 1.1700. If the risk off mood hits the fan again, EURJPY could get vulnerable through 131.50. Watch that space.
                    Brent breaching August - May highs and gaining some momentum. 55.00 looks like its on the cards. This comes when USDCAD corrected towards big resistance area of 1.2400.

                    Stay tuned. Join us to enjoy the ride on the waves.


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                      Opening new month with some interesting dollar strenght. Namely against EURo a closing below 1.1700-20 area could yield further move towards 1.1500 support. Constructive price action is noticed on USDJPY - going long for test of 114.00 with a 111.90 stop. Also we are keeping long CAD agst USD as we do believe in further CAD strenght with the underlying hawkish CB rhetoric - wrong above 1.2800, looking for test of 1.2000 support zone. Kinda hedging the overall long USD exposure.

                      US equities holding onto new historic highs, we are entertaining this move towards first logical target of 2550 on S&P.