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  • FX Alpha Swing Trading System

    The default risk is set to 1% per trade, which is moderate risk tolerance. Stop losses are used on all trades, active risk management is implemented.

    Users’ recommended risk setting is 1.0x (1% per trade)
    For conservative or large accounts, between 0.5 and 1x
    For aggressive or small accounts, between 1 and 2x (max 2% per trade). Anything greater is NOT recommended

    Return to risk ratio > 2 to 1.
    Expected draw down < 15%** (More than 15 consecutive losses to break that assumption)

    The average trade duration is 1-4 days.

    Preserving capital (risk management) is first priority. Loss is capped at default risk %** per trade (Slippage occurs when there is big volatility).

    Approximately 30 - 40 transactions monthly.

    Instruments traded: All major & cross currency pairs, gold & silver CFDs

    **Based on default risk setting. If different risk setting is used, adjust accordingly
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