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    Originally posted by Ryan (analyst) View Post

    Yes, this will be the big test to everyone watching. My loss was only 5.67% on the month. This is not a massive loss. It's also in relationship to my average monthly profit. I don't lose often so I should be able to get things back to where they were in 6 weeks or so. I understand what needs to be done and how it needs to be done. I will not change how I trade to make losses back. I stay the course and do what I know to be best.

    Losses are a part of this world. I've excepted it and am prepared to move on. My last loss was a lot worse. I lost 14% of the account back in Feb of this year. I had a much larger loss cut off then. You can see how my loss played out and how 6 weeks later I was able to make just about all of that loss back. Slow and steady.

    Good to hear you've got a plan and are sticking to your guns.

    "Stay the course" is one of my favorite sayings, I've used it many times on this journey to date
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        Hi everyone! Thought I would post here as well....

        All positions closed out in profit before the FOMC news today. Exactly where I wanted to be.

        We took profit yesterday on the UJ and UCAD

        UJ, 11 pips = 0.33% profit
        UCAD, 11 pips = 0.22% profit.

        We didn't take a lot of pips but our profit was decent because of the lower risk on my first trade in each basket.