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    Good morning all,

    Gunther I think you may be over exaggerating about 8% loss every other week. Since our big DD from 17th Aug and employing our new risk lot sizes we have made very good gains. We are in fact up 8% (even after taking the losses on friday). Sep Update.jpg

    shabbarjuma We have fully stuck to our rules and trading style. This is our trading style, we are expected to hit one of these hits once in awhile.

    Trading is a long term investment. We believe our style is profitable and will generate the long term gains we desire. It is up to you to decide if you want to come along on the journey or not.

    alexgrote Yes taking an 11% loss on friday did sting a little bit. But we felt that it was necessary to take the loss and move forward. As I have said earlier, we have clearly stayed within the pre-defined risk and exposure. We have made decent gains with the new lot settings ~8%. There's no need to be frustrated. You can always contact me via ST or emails, and I can answer any questions you maybe have. I just didn't know there was that many people still following this forum. I guess from now on I can try and make a weekly update after friday session close. Our new max open DD limit is 30%, but we will not likely to reach that as we have been cutting our loss much earlier 10-15%.

    Abhi Trivedi Sorry I do not know what that is, so I can not give you any advice on that.

    oportunis thank you for pointing our about the risk reward ratio. Yes we are working on it. We have decided to try and implement the use of some SL & TPs. Instead of taking 10% loss at once for a few trades, we will break it up into roughly 0.5-1% each trade and see how it goes. By doing it this way, we will likely to be trading a little bit more aggressively from now on.

    Cliff Note:
    • Took 11% loss last friday
    • Still up 8% since new risk settings (17th Aug)
    • Weekly forum updates
    • Testing out using SL for future trades

    Kind regards,


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      I sure hope your father doesn't mind that you continue to tweak his strategy. Best luck on the recovery


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        It is him that is suggesting the tweaking. I am happy with his returns and overall performance since the beginning. But because we are now trading not just for ourselves but others also, we need to try and make adjustments to make everyone happy. Although we know it is impossible to make everyone happy, but we still have to make an attempt and try.


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          Weekly Update - 26th Sept to 30th Sept

          Gains: 5.28%
          Open trades: 3
          Floating dd: ~1.2%

          Was a relatively smooth week.
          Started to play around with setting SL for some of the trades.


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            September Update

            Gains: -2.93%
            Drawdown: 15.95%

            The monthly started out well. Then we got caught a couple of times with GBPUSD longs, which we ended up closing out before any major damage was done. It has been a tough last couple of months, the theme for us seems to be recovery on top of recovery.

            One upside to note is that since new settings (from 17th Aug) on master account we are still up 13.77%.

            Looking forward to what October may bring.

            XGL Team


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              It looks like you are not obeying your own max. DD rule...


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                Originally posted by oportunis View Post
                It looks like you are not obeying your own max. DD rule...
                Are you still following?
                An Update would be appropriate! Game Plan etc.


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                  I am not, because I decided to wait and see how they changed the system, It looks like I made a good call. However the rules are set and they broke them, which is a red flag...


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                    DD over 55% now...

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                      What a shame. Even some of the MAM and PAMM are breaking the drawdown limits. Well I told you so from page one. I actually joined this system and stopped using it after the first heart attack within my first week trying it. It's tough manual trading no doubt. Back to the drawing board.


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                        :/ not good, watching from the sides but breaking rules that's s67t

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                          Hi guys,

                          Final Update.

                          GBP flash crash last Friday surprised us all. Since then I decided to let my father try and trade his way out of it, despite that we breached our 30% dd limit as well as having more than 15 un-hedged trades at times. We have closed all the USDJPY trades today, and will be closing the other trades soon.

                          I would like to apologize for the loses. It has really been a humbling experience and a demonstration of the huge risks that exists in the forex market.

                          I will be turning the signal off next week. Please close all your positions ASAP.