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  • LongtermEA


    I have created this EA and backtested for the last 15 years with some pretty incredible results. The backtest is matching the live results so I have decided to offer them on the network. The idea is to start buying or selling on extreme moves off the market looking for quick pullbacks.

    If anyone has any questions let me know

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    Nice track record so far, however this looks like a fairly standard martingale EA trading extremes.

    How many times will you double down on a pair?

    What's the worst case scenario?
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      1 times risk will.not be enough to cover subscription fees for signal .. except if u put in a hugh sum which i doubt anyone will do wil very little history and a martingale ea ...
      Sorry but i find it a non profit8deal for anyone .. specially reward risk is that ur max dd is 50% for average of 2 %:...
      So when we hit this 50% ... i need to pay u for 50 months signal to recover my loss ??? Omg !!!!

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        Thanks for the feedback Nick. Worst case scenario is 50%, during backtests the max is 35% over the last 15 years but we all know backtests are not any guarantee to the future. However at 50% I would cut and move on.

        To be honest I am not forcing you to subscribe Sherif to the signal so please don't. However average is more than the 2% a month (3.2 according to myfxbook). So if you have a 10,000 account you would make around 270 a month after fees. The fee is pretty low compared to over signals.

        Happy trading all.


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          I do not see that elements of Grid/Martingale is so dangerous, if you have the ability to cut your losses. This is what most traders do not have. Not being willing to accept they were wrong. A combination of scalping and staying in the trades (hoping for retrace) if you are wrong - that will obviously blew it all sooner or later. Hope this is not the case here,.


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            I subscribed 2 weeks ago and pretty good results right now, I'd rather have a "low" profit and steady signal than too much risk.

            The 50% percent close might be too extreme, wouldn't it be wiser to close earlier? Have you made simulations using a 15% or something similar?

            Thanks and keep up the good work!


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              I'm giving it a somewhat skeptical try. I've been around for a lot of years, and have seen many martys take off like a rocket. More than I can count eventually hit that series of losses that wiped them out. Some in a few weeks; others got by for a few years before their demise. Let us hope this one is the rare exception.

              He does seem to have a good formula for his entries, and doesn't just enter randomly, assuming the price will always turn in your favor eventually (before wipeout) .


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                looks like all martys are doomed to fail.. more than 50% DD.. Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 21.03.38.png


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                  And that, boys and girls, is why we don't play with Martingales, mmmkay?


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                    what is the price of your creation EA?