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    Hello all,

    Welcome to our trading strategy, below is a brief description of our strategy and trading principles;

    AlphaVol trading system displays the live trading account of an experienced FX trader specializing in fundamental and technical analysis.The system employs a semi-automated mechanism that utilizes a set of advanced trade indicators consisting of mainly wave theory, price action and Fibonacci. All of which aimed to create a high probability outcome with strict risk management.The system will mainly trade EUR/USD and GBP/USD but may trade a few additional currencies depending on market conditions.

    - No Martingale or Grid Strategies are used in our trading
    - Max Drawdown cap of 15%
    - Almost one year of live trading history with not one losing month encountered to date.
    - No issues with returns due to scalping or other strategies in regards to slippage.
    - Average winning trade: 26.1 pips
    - Average losing trade: -24 pips

    Simpletrader link;
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    Myfxbook link:

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    Welcome to the forum
    Let me ask you some questions pleasr
    What is the story of the several UC trades that lasted for 2 minutes and all of them opened and closed at the same time?
    I see a trade where the price moved against you for more than 600 pips and it was skeptical open for over 100 days and another one with over 400 pips in drawdown also with duration of 28 days

    Do you sometimes hold trades waiting for price to come back? Don't you use fixed sl?

    Also is your account the ecn micro? I can't figure out a reason why not to withdraw and amount of the 50k$ of profit till now since the start of the account.

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      Thank you for your message.

      The trades you are referring to were due to a trade trigger at the time which was virtually instantly closed as we detected a reversal causing minimal loss to the account as you can see. With AlphaVol we don't hold on to trades for a life time if we believe they are wrong or there is a trend reversal we will close them causing minimal loss to our clients.

      As you can see our strategy works for us and has done over a lengthy period of time with a low drawdown in the process stop losses are hidden for obvious reasons and as mentioned trades are closed should a major reversal be encountered.

      The account is a live ECN account and the balance is real, we do not use micro accounts, if you wish we are happy to provide brief investor access to prove this.



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        Thanks for the reply
        No need for the investor password, for me I will believe you
        If you wish you can offer that to one of the admins or even Nick himself so they state it on your page as a verification to avoid such inquiries from other members

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          Anybody follow this signal? can share the results?