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  • Originally posted by oportunis View Post
    Well, I made at least 5000 % ROI from crypto in 2 years, but mostly from ICO's and by investing in "penny" altcoins that went from few cents to 1 or 5 $
    xrp is under 20 cents.
    If you bought bitcoin , eth, etc at a few pennies then congratulations , that would surpass my entries. The others you mentioned I've never heard of them.

    The fact that there are about 1000 alt coins and new tokens( ICO's) being created each day doesn't mean their market cap is real. Air dropping POS coins then getting them on one exchange like Bittrex isn't a worthy call for making it a real Market cap when pumps are easily done. I personally think every POS coin is a scam and I'll never own any of them.

    Also, the coins need volume and sustainable volume to call the coin worthy of their market cap value.

    However, I'm glad you are in the alt space and have Crypto experience. Goodluck with your investments.

    Now that you know Bitmex is #1, you can check them out and earn a rebate on every Limit order filled. And any market order will give you a discount. (sign up for a 10% commission discount)


    • Originally posted by oportunis View Post
      Also saying ICO is 99% scam says it all, some went that road, but most are not. There might be some that are not successful and won't last, but they are not scamming. .
      Anyone can issue ICO's. Make a nice website, write up some amazing theory and then start working towards that dream with investors money...

      So what ico do you invest in and are the teams behind the white paper released a product yet?


      • This is just a funny example of the ICO industry -


        • I bought ETH when it was about 1$, BTC around 500$, XRP when it was 0.06$ but I sold at 0.39$ not holding them anymore. Those are amongst top 5 and I hold about 20 other altcoins that have future and ICO's were successful. You can check AE, ICN, RLC, NXT, ADL, (this one is the first regulated ICO), there are plenty, but those I like and they make progress, but nothing is 100% so it could be that they don't make it. Currently all have over 100% ROI since ICO, so I hold

          Also PoS is going to be on ETH soon, so you saying those coins are scam well.. your missing profit by staking them The same people say about PoW, but it is working nicely for me and this year even more...

          You can create token, but that doesn't mean your ICO will be successful. The project has to be realistic and expectations also. It is the same as investing in penny stocks, you go from bottom up, expect team, past experience, what they offer, will it be good for users, can it be even done etc...

          Forgot about coinbase connected with GDAX, never used it as it is expensive wallet, so never did more research on it.


          • I personally don't believe in the staking process(POS). I understand fully why they do it. Its one of the only ways to launch a coin without getting a ddos attack from large mining pools. That's another reason why POW has so many NON asic algorithms to help defend their network. POS will survive but its a ponzi scheme. When you send any POS coin to an exchange, it goes directly into their staking wallets. Exchanges are making new coins since they have the largest staking wallet, then pump and dump coins...

            POS == Piece of Sh...

            I won't comment on ETH.. Anyways best luck with your altfolio.


            • Yep, It's difficult situation with ICOs , but there are some ratings) The most trustful for me is this one