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  • Safe Aussie Profit

    I just want to let you guys know my review of them.

    1) I tried the Trial and I forgot to cancel the Subscription in Paypal and got charged with 40$. I asked for a refund because I Immediately deleted the Signal when I got charged but he wont return my money.
    I dont want to do any business with them. Strongly recommend to stay away from them. He's just after you're money and not trying to help you make money.

    2) Its not a smart martingale strategy, It has orders waiting to get executed so when shit spiked up or down it will just open new and new orders martingale stylez.
    It resulted in a Drawdown of 11% in less then a few days in my trial for a return of 1% / month. Not worth the risk for me.

    3) (Not my page).

    Well this is just my personal opinion.

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    Tripzor thx for insight.

    I check his strategy and it is pure martingale... 1-2% a month with unlimited risk.
    IMHO not worth checking.


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      is emblematic realize that the second-placed signal is a known EA commercially available ...
      FX - + - + - + zer


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        Thanks a lot Tripzor for your review and i hope you get out of the DD he made.


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          Originally posted by manonmars View Post
          Thanks a lot Tripzor for your review and i hope you get out of the DD he made.
          I quit the signal when I realized it was just opening waiting orders So I quit the signal with a minimal loss of 0.50% after a drawdown of 6-7% so no problem for me.


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            I drooped this one a few days ago before my renewal date. I ended up losing money overall due to the fact that a large lot would open up to cover several smaller losing lots. Problem being even with only opening the smallest lot available that my broker allows, I ended up losing almost everyday since the every lot was the same for me. So the one large lot would be profitable but several lots of the same size for me would all be losses which would be way more than the one winning lot. No thanks. Overall the loses were minimal in the grand scheme of things.