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Scalper Master Low DD

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  • Scalper Master Low DD

    Those who have experienced this supplier?
    I subscribed to ten days and I noticed that on my account IC Markets slippage is quite high (about 1 pips per trade) and eat some of the gains.

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    Hello laracraft,

    Yes, I get some slippage. With the last 20 trades, his account gained 48.9 pips, my account with LMAX gained 33.2. That's 0.785 per trade difference. Despite this, I think he is a first class trader. I've subscribed since January I'm quite happy to stay with this trader.


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      Hello Greenfield, on my IC Markets account from 8 September 2016 to 30 September 2016 I made 88 trades with the total profit of 62.7 pips. The total pips slippage were -62.3. Despite this I got 55.95 profit EUR with 0.10 balance risk and the result looks good to me.
      I saw that the master account from the beginning of this year until today had an average monthly return of 1.41%.
      You who average monthly yield've had so far this year?
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        Why so much slippage?

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          Originally posted by HedgeBitcoin View Post
          Why so much slippage?

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          The high slippage likely depend on the fact that the majority of trades have a very short duration (a few minutes or a few seconds) and are made in times of the day (from 9.00 to 22.00) in which the volatility is higher .
          I do not know if this is the only explanation. I follow on my IC Markets account also FxViper and I get pretty much the same number of pips master account of the signal provider.


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            Hi, Thanks for Angelo invitation. We are a team here. We do notice many of subscribers face slippage issue. But kindly understand we do short term scalping. Which tight spread is important for us. Please check for spread for example EURUSD, if the overall cost fall below 1.0 pips then it should performed similar result.

            You can check our picture show ICMarkets give us very good spread which normally at 0.0 pips + $7 Commission. So the overall cost is 0.7 pips, let's calculate that way easier. Individual ICMarkets account may face different spread. So please check it. We are still planning to launch MAM account but will not be so soon.

            Currently we trade in very low risk, which max risk control below 10%, feel free to multiple x2 or x3 if you need slightly aggressive profit with higher risk.

            By the way, we are actively engaged by Institute Fund Management which mean our strategy score high from professional eyes. Cheers!



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              Any info on this signal?
              About slippage, anybody with Tickmill follow this account?


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                Originally posted by gbguimaraes View Post
                Any info on this signal?
                About slippage, anybody with Tickmill follow this account?
                This month on my account IC Markets there are a few pips lost due to slippage.
                I do not know if it's coincidence or the signal provider has changed something in his system
                These are the results from the beginning of the month:
                Total trades: 46
                Missed trade: 1
                Total pips slippage: -5.2
                Pips lost on missed trades: 9.8
                Pips Total: 53.6


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                  Thanks Laracroft!!

                  I see that is hard to follow paying subscription without increase 3 or 4 times the risk.


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                    Does it have an mam/pamm account?


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                      Hi SuberbFX, I just subscribed to your signal. In the description you mention 5 pairs, however your myfxbook shows a lot more. Could you let us know which pairs you use?



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                        I'm considering subscribing, just a bit concerned about the risk to reward ratio. Might give it a go for a month and see how it goes.


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                          Some intriguing (clever even!) trading today, on the NZDUSD (quite a few other trades going through). +8.8 pips on the master account, +6.7 on my (LMAX) account.



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                            Guys any help on what slippage setting to put?
                            Am going to try this as it has a nice long history. Been pretty flat for 3 months it looks like.
                            Are you guys using slippage of 3 or less?


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                              In simpletrader I left the default value of slippage, ie 3.
                              This week I have not lost any trade.