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    Hi all

    I created this thread because i want know if anybody follow this signal ?
    Any info ?
    About slippage?

    FX Blue is a leading provider of apps and services for forex traders. FX Blue offers analysis of trading results, apps such as trade copiers and trade simulators, plus charts and alogrithmic news feeds.

    Thanks all
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    what signal? drop a link to the performance (myfxbook and simpletrader). Thank you in advance.


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      Originally posted by HedgeBitcoin View Post
      what signal? drop a link to the performance (myfxbook and simpletrader). Thank you in advance.
      Hi Hedge

      i put the link of myfxbook and simpletrader of the strategy.


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        I haven't followed and I'll wait until the account is verified so I know what broker they are using(myfxbook not verified atm). The strategy is an Asian scalper and these systems are really hard to scale. Also to get good results through signal service we'd need to follow at the same brokerage.

        The describtion of the system as confusing to me too, it reads

        "Basically the EA is a trend scalper that works during Asian Session.

        Entering a trade occurs during reversal of the main trend."

        So its trend follow but reversal of trend. That's hard to comprehend.


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          Their 2nd account is verified at tickmill and looks to be the same strategy. Only catch22 is that it has 3 month history. Looking good though


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            I know this guy from

            Im trying the free trial on 0.5x Risk with max drawdown protection on 10%.


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              He makes great profts in weekend,leave orders open throw weekend.
              I see that now, The best profits is from that.


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                Hmm risky it is .
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                  The last order have delay of 12s in order close...
                  Anybody have this problem?


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                    Huge slippage, at least for me... too bad
                    With Tickmill also.


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                      Originally posted by Tripzor View Post
                      Hmm risky it is .
                      Tripzor hello, how are the benefits of Fusion Project of IC Markets? The freezing time of midnight server (typical of Australian brokers) affect performance?