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  • NEXTGEN Signal

    Been watching the signal for the last little bit and it seems rather promising. What do you guys think? Is anyone subscribed to it?

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    Yes been connected for a couple months.

    I like this signal as loosers are closed out with about 5 hours of trade placement

    Much nicer accepting the loss to the move on and find new trades

    System takes many pips so slippage not an issue

    Been copying via an icm account

    Very happy so far, I'm running him at 0.75 risk


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      Worst week ever for Nextgen. Shame as at one point yesterday was 3.5% in the profit to realize 12.5% loss for the month ...

      Overall it wasnt really the greatest start for the year for plenty of traders/systems.


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        Little frustrating watching good profit turn to loosers.

        Feels like a trailing stop would help here.

        Not a great start.

        For me something from October has changed look at fx book chart.

        Still let's see what month end brings hopefully not too many loosers

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          i disabled the signal for the next few days 20% hit in 48 hours.

          2017 is turning into a account killer


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            I killed his GU longs earlier manually, and then went and set a -36 slippage so only caught a few negative trades this afternoon.

            Has anyone reached out to the sp , I'm looking too just won't be free for a few hours

            Happy 2017 :/

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              I dont think the guys have changed anything much...

              As they describe their system - "One strategy to trade baskets and another one to trade breakouts." Its quite obvious that current market conditions are not much helpfull...


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                Hi anyone have a way of contacting this provider? Their master account isn't connected and we missed quite a bit of their gains today.


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                  Another sad story .. I hope no one was following this signal


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                    I`m one of the guys behind NEXTGEN.

                    Originally posted by toddys2k View Post
                    Another sad story .. I hope no one was following this signal
                    Since our start we made above 300 % profit for our clients and there is no end in sight. I think a sad story look in another way.

                    One information: The system is not ESMA compatibel. It is a professional account. In volatile times we need more than a leverage 1:30 for the major currenties.

                    Best regards.