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Machine Learning Based Forex Trading System

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  • Machine Learning Based Forex Trading System

    Hi All,

    We have created our own indicator based on Bayesian machine learning.
    System is trained on high support resistance levels. It generates safe levels which we uses to execute trades manually.
    Our earning graph is consistent from past 6 months.
    May: 16 %
    June: 23 %
    July: 24 %
    Aug: 19 %
    Sep: 17 %
    Oct: 11 %(till now)

    You can subscribe us to get the benefit to your account.

    Happy Trading (Y)

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    All small money accounts, You need to have some own money in you're system to make it attractive.


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      Thanks for the suggestion.
      In small account our account is also there. Also we are going to increase our fund size.


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        Your Web site advertises a DD of less than 25% however your Slave accounts on the web site have a DD of 30.46% to 37.6% and your Master has a DD of 37.43%? Is there some reason for the disparity between the advertised DD and the actual DD your are experiencing?


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          First, please note that we shared the full report from our MT4 Client Terminal for your perusal, so you can double check our explanations with the real stats.
          Full Report:

          As you can see from our report, our max consolidated drawdown (i.e. drawdown effectively incurred because of closing position with losses) is of 14.45%.

          The floating drawdown (or working drawdown as you call it too), is in our strategy limited to 20% under NORMAL trading conditions. However, please note that we had floating drawdown of +40% recently due to US Elections, and +30% due to BREXIT in the UK.

          Let us explain this shortly. Our system is carefully designed and programmed using Bayesian Statistic models and Machine Learning techniques. Beside this, we have a Risk Management policy based in our experience (please learn more about our background below). We know that under unusual, high-volatility trading conditions we must be flexible on our floating drawdown, up to 50% of the total balance. It might look high to some investors, but the proof and reality shows and talks in our favor. The Trump and the Brexit effects caused a huge volatility and we knew it would happen. If we had closed the positions based in an unflexible risk management policy, we would have had about 15% loss in those two events. On the contrary, we monitored carefully the moves at those two events and we managed to go from loss to a significant profit, as can be easily seen. This type of hybrid technical and manual trading requires ability and years of experience.

          The creator of the system is our partner Mustafa C. Boullra ( with a long experience in software for aerospace, defence, telecoms and financial industries, who had been a Money Manager in the past for 3 different brokers, and also runs business.


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            Thanks for the post. I loved it so much. But for now, I was reading some ideas to get help with the industrial x ray machines for my medical industry's work. Keep posting these type of useful posts here.