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    Originally posted by OutsideTheBoxHK View Post

    Yes I have reflected many times about this guy.
    Supposedly a physician.
    I just would think that he would be more prudent, humble, and cautious if it really were true that he were a doctor.
    I dug up some info about him and, no doubt, others have done the same. It just isn't fair for people who kept investing their money with him.
    I remember so much of his dialogue was confident and bold, and he ended up blocking me on his discussion page for his system on MyFXBook, just because I was speaking common sense.

    sooner or later lies collapse. It catches up with them.

    Funny because looking at this traders background, they may actually have some experience in the medical field. I am in the middle of confirming that. This guy will be back again under yet another name. Hopefully by then he will have some CFTC prosecutors to speak with. From what I know, the case forming against this person is forming very nicely. I was told last week that the loss claims against him are well over $100,000.00 just from US victims and there are a few foreign victims as well that are being included. Hopefully they will realize that managed account fraud and wire fraud is not the way to go. Regardless of how many names you try and hide behind, this is the internet and people will figure out WHO you are really. Chase, Charles, Chuck, Ali, whoever he decides he is going to be today. This does not even count the people that are going after him for the fraudulent shoe business he was seeking funding for through a funding site. His days are numbered.
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      Hi NextGen I sent you a PM


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        500% gain for 2019 despite the huge 60% loss in July from EURGBP pair. I don't think many ppl knew you continued to trade since simpletrader never updated!